Everything you need to know about League of Legends & smurf account

One of the most played and popularly known games all over the world are League of Legends. This game has already attracted millions of players all over the world. If you wish to try it, you first have to gain basic knowledge about the game and then make LoL account. Each and every detail related to the League of Legends is given in this article.

What is a league of legends?

The multiplayer video game with battle arena available by Riot games for macOS and Microsoft Windows is League of Legends. It is supported by microtransactions followed by the freemium gaming model; it was inspired by top video games.

In the League of legends or lol, the player is supposed to play the role of “summoner” that monitor and control “champion” with incredible abilities. The battle is done against a rival player or it may be done with computer-controlled champions. The ultimate goal is to destroy or kill the opposing team’s nexus- a place that lies protected at base heart by defensive structures.

Each and every match of league or legends is discrete. The champions can start off and gradually increase strength by collecting experience and items over the game course. The champions, as well as settings, are a complete mixture of elements that include steampunk, high fantasy, and Lovecraftian horror.

League of legends got a release in 2009 and since then it has grown popular with the expansive fanbase and active. It has become the most played video game in Europe and North America since July 2012. Around 67 million users played LoL in January 2014 per month, and 27 million / day. The largest footprints of the league of the legend are streaming media platforms like Twitch.tv and YouTube. It is estimated to have 100 million active users in September 2016.

The popular is also leading by apparel, accessories, toys, and merchandise along with tie-ins via documentaries, web series, videos, and books.

The league of legend has a widespread competition that is active till date.


LOL is basically a third-person online battle arena or MOBA game that can be played in 3d. The game comprises of 3 key running games known as the howling abyss, twisted treeline, and Summoner’s Rift. The crustal scar is removed. Just like other games, the player needs to compete with an opponent in an arena that would last 20-60 minutes. The team has to work together in each and every game so as to accomplish victory. The victory can be achieved through destroying of Nexus- core building into the base of the enemy after the user has bypassed defensive structure known as towers or turrets.

The player has to monitor as well as control characters known as champions in entire series of game modes. Characters are assigned or chosen by the user with set abilities. The champions on the initial basis have to start the match at the initial level. The maximum level in the game is 18. You can unlock the special ability of the champion by gaining characters. The player is termed as defeated if he lost champions. The player is free to start the game via little gold amount. The player got an opportunity to earn gold in the entire match. Some of the places that allow earning of gold is by killing non-characters termed as monsters and minions. Or else by helping or killing enemy players.

The player can spend these golds so as to buy game items throughout the match and build champions abilities in a huge number of ways. The carried gold, items, and experience by the champion cannot be taken over to subsequent matches. Thus, each and every match equal footing to opposing rival team, that may be more or less.

Rewards can be earned by the players across each match that gets applied to their account automatically. You too can begin from the initial point and then progress with games onwards. Character level is separated from player level. The maximum level for an account is 30 and as the player’s performance is enhanced the abilities and additional content get unlocked.

Campion types

Currently or presently there are 143 champion types in LOL as of January 13. It got divided in many ways. The official classification of a champion is-

Marksman- this is also termed as “AD Carries” which is used to handle physical damage. It has the ability to deal with sustained damages compared to short burst. It has a weak defense. Examples-vasrus, miss fortune, Caitlyn, ashe.

Mage- it is termed as “AP carriers”. It is the most powerful champion with support skills and magic damage. It has low mobility and weak defense. It contains a set of champions. The main emphasis is put on killing the opponent champion very quickly Examples- lux, swain, karthus, and lissandra.

Assassin- the champion kill opponent champion. It can be easily distinguished in excellent mobility. Priority target gets hit by striking Examples- zed, Katarina, Diana, and fizz.

Account of LOL

Now you have known more about the league of legend in deep, you can move forward and learn about the account. This popular video game is played by millions this attracts more and more players so as to make LOL account for absolutely free. However, the game is not at all easy as it involves several steps that may be tough or easy. As already mentioned, the game contains 30 levels, and not every single individual reach level 30.

The player needs to purchase 20 champions so as to reach level 30. You can form both ranked and solo queues team. Level up soon as to reach level 30. The player that has better knowledge and understanding of the game can directly reach the level within weeks. For beginners, it may sound hard to reach level 30 directly if they don’t have knowledge and experience.

Final thought

There may be a number of reasons so as to play the game. But the most basic one is to try it. You will never ever find such a game that offers incredible graphics feature and benefits to the user. For more details, you can visit the UnrankedSmurfs.com  and read all information about game accounts.