Everything You Should Know Before Hiring A Bookkeeper

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Now, you have always dreamed about starting your own company and quitting that 9 to 5 job. And now when you are finally there you see that it is not all that simple and easy. In the end, all the responsibility is on you, and you are the one who needs to make the final calls on risk management, team duties, etc. One of the most important points in running a successful business is bookkeeping, and though most people neglect it, it is essential. While your business is small, you can probably do all the bookkeeping by yourself, using an online template sheet or accounting software that you have signed up for.

On the other hand, once your business grows bigger it might not be that easy anymore, and even your accountant might not be able to take care of it. At this point, you should think about hiring a professional bookkeeping service. What is that all about and how can it be of benefit? Let’s take a look.

When To Hire A Bookkeeper

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There are few points you should take in consideration and see if it is worth it to continue doing the bookkeeping work by yourself:

1. First and foremost, if bookkeeping takes a lot of your work time it might be the time to switch and hire a professional service. If you are just starting your business chances are you are working over 60 hours a week and all that can lead to potential Calculate your bookkeeping hours and compare that to the amount of money you would have earned if you did something else. Now, include how much would a professional service cost you a monthly basis – if you are in profit, you know what you should do.

2. On the other hand, waiting for the year to pass and handing your financial statements over to your accountant is not time effective or cost-effective and along with that, you will need to have the month-to-month records that could be of use in moving your business towards success. On the other hand, a service like Bookkeeper Gold Coast will provide you with all the retroactive information and financial advice.

3. And of course, if you see that your sales have increased but your profit hasn’t you might want to look for the reason in your bookkeeping methods. If that is the case, hiring a bookkeeper can be a game changer!

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Bookkeeping Service

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1. First and foremost, when you hire a professional bookkeeping service like Bookkeeper Gold Coast is you are sure to get a clear communication, and an on-time response. An accountant or a low-quality service may take a lot of time to respond or even worse they may go out to a vacation just when you need them. On the other hand, by hiring a professional service you will know that any given point you will have someone to contact and consult.

2. Along with that, you will be provided with tax-ready financial statements and this means that once the bookkeeper is done you just need to pay your taxes and move on. And by receiving up-to-date and retroactive financial statements you will be able to look at the best periods of the past month and see how to improve your income even more.

3. Last but not least, unlike yours, computers that are used by professional bookkeeping services are up to the latest security standards. This means that there is no way someone can break in and steal the confidential information, or your financial statements.


If your business is growing and it seems like you can’t handle bookkeeping on your own, it is absolutely justified and good to hire a professional bookkeeping service. In the long term, you will be saving time, money, and last but not least your financial statements will be 100% safe and confidential!