Ex-Employee Celebrates His Newborn In Apple Inc.’s Style

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s ex-employee Andreas Kleinke recently became the father of a sweet boy, and he wanted to share this moment of pride and joy with the world. He did this in such a manner that added value to Apple, also. He came up with a superb idea of creating a page for his son, which would serve the purpose of making the announcement.

“My son was born last Friday, and my original intention was to simply create an Apple-flavored birthday announcement card especially for my former colleagues at Apple,” Kleinke told Yahoo Tech via email. “It got a bit out of hand.”

Apple iBaby description

The announcement page is a close replica of the page created by the Cupertino-based company for announcing the iPad mini device. The design of the page is styled in a way similar to Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) product’s page, and the descriptions of the baby are also styled in a similar manner as the company does for its products. The description of the baby in terms of the parameters used for a device, makes it a humorous description.

The page boasts of the child features as those of the product. As the devices are described in weight, Kleinke too described his son as light-weight and easily portable saying “with only 5 percent the weight of his predecessor” he can be easily carried around with predecessor referring to his father.

Comes with Pre-installed apps

Not only the hardware, but also the software boasts of pristine features. Jonathan the baby will also have updates like the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) devices and with every update new capabilities will be added to Jonathan who with the passage like iWalk and iTalk. These apps will be “downloaded and installed automatically when ready, free of charge,” described the father.

The device comes with built in apps called ‘iEat’, ‘iSleep’, ‘iPoop’ and that’s it. The baby is described as having enough power that will last for a lifetime. The child is said to run on an operating system, which the dad proudly describes as a non-android one for which he feels thankful to god. If we talk of carriers for this device then mom and dad are the two carriers, says the page. At the end of the page, viewers are even encouraged to shop for Jonathan or make your own baby. Link to the page: http://jonathanhenry.de/.