Ex-WWE Star Had Some Interesting Comments on Ziggler’s New Contract


As we all know, Dolph Ziggler has signed a big new deal with the WWE that is going to bring him 1.5 million dollars per year. Some were really surprised that the company went all out to keep him on their roster, even though they didn’t have any great plans for him going forward. The fact of the matter is that Ziggler is not a big-time player in the company anymore and there is no doubt that he has thought about leaving World Wrestling Entertainment on a couple of occasions.

But, it seems that WWE has been keen on keeping him on the roster and that the amount of money that they have thrown at him was more than enough to keep him in place.

Fans can sometimes be critical and judgmental, but the fact of the matter is that the company appreciates what Dolph Ziggler is capable of. That is something that ex-WWE star Ryback has pointed out.


“They don’t lose interest in Dolph Ziggler, it is all by design every time,” Ryback said. “If you are not in that inner circle of guys that they want there, it doesn’t matter how good and how popular you are; some people have a hard time with that. People that are not there have no (f-bomb) clue. They can speculate all they want, they’re just outsiders buying tickets and watching on TV. I have no idea. I don’t talk to him about that stuff. The number he received seems very high because they like to essentially get indie guys and pay them as little as possible.”

Ryback went on to explain that, at this point in his career, it is all about the money for Ziggler and how they use him. That is going to make him satisfied with his position. The money part is for sure there as his contract is pretty good. The Big Guy, who is also his good friend, said that whatever he is happy as long as Ziggler is with his position. Time will tell if that money part of the deal is going to make up for the probable lack of good booking for Dolph.