How and when to hire an Executive for your Non-Profit Company

So, you have decided to hire an executive for your non-profit company, but you need to know how to do it in the right manner. There are several ways to go about looking for and interviewing a capable executive director. Below here are some tips to use when hiring an executive for your non-profit company:

1. Use services of an executive search firm

If searching for an executive seems a daunting and overwhelming procedure to you, then hire an executive search recruiter in Houston which specializes in working with profit and non-profit companies. Being a non-profit executive search firm, it will be familiar with the intricacies of hiring for non-profit organizations and because they already have a network of executives, they can easily deal with the procedure while you concentrate on developing and improving your company. Click here to learn more about it.

Recruiters at an executive search company in Houston have a lot of experience in searching, interviewing and appointing executives. Their procedure attracts the perfect applicants and vet out the wrong candidates. In the end, you will receive the best quality applicants for your required leadership role. The top-notch services offered by an executive search firm can be of great help when looking for a role-oriented executive director.

2. Network

Get it touch with your professional connections and speak about your search for an executive. Someone in your connections may know the right candidate for you and can build a link between the two of you. The applicant gets a personal recommendation from someone you rely upon and you possibly find a new executive perfect as per your requirement. If in-person networking doesn’t generate any results, then you can also go for social networks like LinkedIn to look out for prospective candidates.

3. Never do it alone

Appointing an executive is a major decision and you are under a lot of pressure to make the right choice. If you are the only person who can make this decision, then the pressure rises to another level. In order to make the hiring procedure a little less intimidating, you can ask for help from the board members of your company.

Reliable colleagues, board members and mentors can be of great assistance when you are about to make the decision of hiring an executive. Every person has a different insight on the search procedure and applicants, and their varied perspective can help you in getting a 360 –degree view of the situation.

4. Plan ahead

If implemented poorly, a change in the company’s leadership can be jarring. Draft a plan for your company to help your new executive adjust to his/her position. Work with your present team to decide which course of action will be good for your company. For instance, should your new executive jump into his position instantly or should you find someone to mentor him/her to ease their transition. When you make a plan before hiring an executive, you can ease procedure for the executive, employees and the company.

When to hire an executive for your non-profit company?

For your non-profit company, you should choose exceptional executives who align with the mission of your company. But how do you know that it is the right time to hire an executive? Well, hiring an executive is a major decision for any company. Some companies hire an executive right from the start, while others choose to hire one after the company is well-established. And then you always need to hire one if your present executive is stepping down!

If you are thinking of hiring an executive for your company, here are some signs which show that your company is in need of an executive.

Your company’s founder lacks experience

While the founder of your company may have great ideas but they may not have the necessary skills to put them into action. Hence hiring an executive with experience in this field can help your company implement decisions, raise funds and transform each of the ideas into action.

In some cases, choosing an executive with a background in this field can help your company look more professional to people outside. If present leadership finds it difficult to talk to clients, donors or make business decisions, hiring an experienced and savvy executive may help your company make progress in these areas.


The company’s board wants to shift their focus

Even if the founder is capable to run the company perfectly as an executive director, he/ she may no longer be interested in doing it. If your board members are looking forward to focus on other fields of the company like fundraising, then it is time to appoint an executive. They can easily deal with the business aspects of the company, offering the members of the company a chance to enhance their strength and maximize its growth.

Your company needs a clear executive

If employees of your company look confused about the operations and objectives of the firm, your non-profit company desperately needs to hire a new executive director. An executive can set company’s wide goals and make them familiar to the employees. They can guide the team at all levels and work as a perfect leader to your team. Having a good executive for your organization can eradicate confusion amongst employees and give your company a united goal and voice.

You are looking for growth

Sometimes an executive can help you focus too much on making the firm running and doesn’t spend time or thought on innovation. Without any innovative thought, your company can lead to stagnation which can cause a severe problem. By appointing a new executive direction, you can ensure that your firm stays afloat and you have new developing ideas for your non-profit company.

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