Should We Expect Warcraft 2?

When the action-fantasy movie Warcraft was released last year, it was particularly praised for the use of special digital effects and its creators’ consistency to the source, which was the video game of the same title. However, in spite of that, the film was not as successful as expected, at least in the United States. In China, on the other hand, Warcraft eventually broke the box office records. The question is – is this enough to make Warcraft 2?

Duncan Jones, the movie director, seems to be quite interested in working on the sequel. When one fan posted on his Twitter that he loved the film (he watched it four times) and that he can’t wait to see the continuation of the story, Jones responded to his tweet saying he would gladly direct Warcraft 2. However, he also hinted that this decision was not up to him to make. “I’d love it to happen! Waiting to hear from @Legendary”, Jonson wrote, which means that the production company, Legendary Pictures, calls the shots. At least it’s good to know that he is eager to come back to work on it, right?

It’s hard to say whether or not we should expect Warcraft 2. Judging by the reviews it received (which were quite negative), we could say that the chances are rather poor. However, apparently, reviews are not as important as the money the movie has made, and it earned as much as $156 million in China and $430 million worldwide, which is a good enough reason to deliver the sequel.

Another Legendary’s movie (Resident Evil) also flopped in the United States but broke box office records in other countries, and they refused to give up on it just because of the fact that it failed to have good performance at domestic box office. Thus, it’s highly likely that they are going to do the same with Warcraft.

They haven’t mentioned working on the sequel yet, but we believe it’s only a matter of time when they will break the great news. One thing’s for sure – there is enough material to make Warcraft 2. We’ll let you know as soon as we find out more about the new entry so stay tuned.