More experts join Microsoft’s HoloLens team

New major members are to join Microsoft’s mixed-reality HoloLens team. Jamie Shotton, principal researcher at Microsoft disclosed in a statement that he will join the team to work on computer vision research of the Cambridge UK so as to make the #MixedReality an amazing experience.

He has been at the helm of affairs in the team that is leading a group called Machine Intelligence and Perception through Microsoft Research Cambridge with his MSR biography. The focus of the research is centered on a vision of computer intersection graphics learning machine, AI, with special emphasis on systems that will naturally allow interactions between computers and people.

Some of the projects that Shotton is involved with are AI experimentation platform that is erected on the platform of Minecraft, Project Malmo, a learning effort, and 3D-labeling.

Source:Microsoft’s HoloLens team

There were reports by Polygon on Wednesday that Mark Bolas, a renowned researcher in virtual reality has also joined the Microsoft family. He will also be part of the HoloLens team.

According to Polygon, Bolas is one person that is very influential in the field of virtual reality. Not too long ago, he was a professor and a researcher at California University where he was in charge of Mixed Reality Lab and Studio. He was once a mentor to Oculus Rift creator and also the VR Raw Data team, Polygon added.

There are already plans put in motion by Microsoft to add a platform of mixed-reality to its Windows 10 so that OEMs will be given an option to use it in powering their devices. The company will reveal more details concerning this come December when the WinHEC conference will hold.

The company said it is hoping that its partners in hardware will embrace the platform of Windows Holographic to enable virtual reality devices to add objects from the real world to that of holograms.  For this reason, the company is projecting Windows Holographic so as to attract various mixed reality devices of AR/VR that will be able to work across different platforms as the market grows.