Explore the world with your bicycle

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Cycling is good, cycling is healthy, and cycling is green. There is no better way to explore the world than with you two-wheeled travel companion. If you are planning on going on a bike tour around the world, you will have the most fun that you ever had in your life. It is a man-powered, two-wheeled journey that will involve a lot of riding, camping, and following whatever path that is laid out in from of you. If you are planning to go on a bike trip around the world, here are some places that you should definitely consider visiting:

England’s lush lake country

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This region is perfect for the curious people to try the guided cycling experience through the beautiful and magnificent Lake District. After 145 kilometers (90 miles), of ascent in two days, you will know that your body has done some serious work. There are mountain bike and road versions of this trip, hence you will be able to choose how you would like to experience the Chiltern Hills in southeast England.

The Welsh wilderness

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Experience beautiful Wales in a series of routes, mostly downhill, over the period of eight days from Portmadoc to Brecon. You will be able to see the coast and the high mountains, slate mines and mills, forests, lush river valleys, and waterfalls. You could even take a train to Snowdon, a boat trip to Ramsay island bird reserve, and explore all of these wonderful places while on your bike.

The sizzling Sicily

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The Aeolian Islands will give you a chance to see various volcanic archipelagos off the coast of Sicily. You can take a healing mud bath and walk up to the crater of Vulcano, watch the evening fireworks in Stromboli which erupts every 20 minutes, and ride the lush and green hills of Lipari and grape growing Salina.

Madagascan Highlands

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This tour on the biodiverse island of Madagascar will allow you to experience something different. It includes 548 kilometers (340 miles) of cycling and in fact, you will be cycling more downhill than uphill, as the title might suggest. Plus, you can choose to hike in the national parks, visit lemur reserves, and relax on the sandy beaches if you choose to. If you are thinking about going on a bike tour to Madagascar, you can check out this website www.abenteuerreisen.ch.

The vineyards of the Rioja

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You can cycle through the rolling and curvy vineyards of the Rioja region located in northern Spain with stops for some pinchos or tapas, a lovely wine museum at Briones, and a tasty visit to Haro and Marques de Riscal. Also, you can explore the wonderful Bilbao if you choose to.

Prague to Budapest

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You will be able to compare and contrast four major countries, The Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary. Visit their lovely capitals, enjoy their traditions and culture, try their cuisines and beer, and get a grip on their complex and long history. Ride 300 kilometers (186 miles) over a period of time, mostly on paths and roads that are quiet and enjoyable.

Jordan experience

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How about cycling through a UNESCO World Heritage Site, from the Crusader Castle of Shobak to Petra? You could also visit the rose-red town, the Dead and Red seas, as well as experience a night under the starry night in Bedouin. You will be able to cycle in the footsteps of Moses on Mount Nebo. It is a trip that mixes roads, cycle paths, and hard-packed off roads.


These were some of the most interesting places that you can visit in order to cycle through them and enjoy the culture, tradition, and wonderful sights that these countries offer. One of the best things about cycling through a country is that you can stop and visit a place whenever you feel like it, hence you are the one who will choose what you want to see, as well as how long will you stay at one place.