Exploring the Summer Camp Activities in Ahmedabad

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Who doesn’t love the long and relaxing summer vacations after exams? Some days just with no homework and study. In our lives, school time has created a lot of memories and so does the summer vacations. If you sit back and think about your school time, a lot of sweet and joyful memories will surface in your mind. A lot of people among us prefer to spend the warm days watching TV sleeping till evening which has pleasurable in certain ways. Eventually, we all start to feel the boredom of nothingness with the tight schedule of school education and examination, so the joys of this long escape don’t really last long.

With the introduction of summer camp activities, it has become possible to engage your kids into learning something new without putting the pressure of examination on them. A lot of summer camp activities in Ahmedabad offer a series of recreational courses which keep the kids occupied in learning something different from school education. The summer camps help kids explore their hidden talent and push them to explore the areas of their interest without any burden of pending homework or weekly tests.

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Apart from that, a lot of parents are engaging their kids in summer camp activities in Ahmedabad due to the high temperature of the city during the summer. It is not possible for a kid to play outside when the temperature easily reaches 50-degree centigrade. Instead of watching TV or playing video games continuously during the daytime, it is beneficial for a kid to engage in learning some new things from a new perspective. The 45-day vacation from the school and a summer camp in that period can help your kid learn new things in a playful and enjoyable manner.

If you have decided to involve your kid in summer camp activities in Ahmedabad, you will find that a lot of agencies and education centers are offering a wide variety of short-term courses to take in the summer. The camps are a great way to keep your kids busy learning something that is fun and could be of great value in the future. Here is the list of activities that you will find interesting for your kids.


Everyone loves capturing the perfect moment in their cameras to make memories for life. It doesn’t matter whether you click pictures through an expensive DSLR camera or Smartphone; the sole purpose of taking an image is to secure the memory of that particular moment. Learning photography is gaining a lot of popularity among kids as well as adults. The art of photography is not merely about pointing the camera at a particular entity and going for the click. There is a lot of technicalities associated with it which are fun to learn and easy to understand for kids. Learning photography will provide your kid with a new perspective of looking at things and trying to find the beauty behind them which is not possible to learn in school.

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Drawing and Painting

Although this is a very common activity, painting has managed to regain the interest of many kids for years. Drawing and painting are fun to do activities and can help in developing a creative and artistic mindset. Playing with colors is an immense feeling of joy in itself. There are several stages of learning painting, and you can easily enroll your kid on the basis of his expertise and will to learn.

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This is the perfect way to beat the hot summers of Gujarat and develop stamina. There are a lot of private swimming pools that offer summer packages for swimming which will help your kid get involved in physical activities to strengthen their physique. This is a win-win situation as you don’t have to worry about your kid having a heat stroke and a lot of fun to do which will keep your kids occupied for hours resulting in better health. You can also engage your kid in yoga and cardio workouts which will set the foundation of a healthy lifestyle for your kid.

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Overnight Camp

You will find a lot of educational institutes conducting night camps in the city providing a safe and closed environment. This is a fun activity for your kid to have little experience of wilderness and develop social skills. Another interesting fact about these camps is that they teach about modern science, geography, astronomy, etc. in a playful manner which will help in the development of sound concepts of the different fields of study.

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These are just few summer camp activities in Ahmedabad which are helpful to keep your kid occupied during the vacation. You can easily find a variety of camps teaching different things in an interesting manner across the city. It’s up to you to choose the best for your kid on the basis of their interest.