Ezekiel Elliot Is NFL’s Most Consistent Running Back


We are always talking about the best players at each position. People are overreacting after one has a good game. When we get to see a show from one man, everybody is quick to point out that that player is the best in the game at what he does. We had Julio Jones who went for 300 in one week and then followed that up with a no-show performance.

We need to look at guys that are producing on a constant basis, and we have to look no further than the Dallas Cowboys’ rookie running back Ezekiel Elliot. He had a rough game in Week 1 when he put up subpar figures, but since then he has been nothing short of sensational.

Elliot has been heavily featured in Cowboys’ offensive gameplan for a good reason. He is running behind a massive o-line, and he knows how and when to hit the holes. When he hits them, he turns on the jets and doesn’t look back as we saw that on many occasions.

And yes, he is on pace to break the record for most rushing yards by a rookie. As far as we are concerned, he is in our MVP conversation no doubt.


Elliot had another strong outing in Cleveland as he ran for 98 yards on only 18 carries and finished the game with an average of 5,3 yards per carry and two touchdowns. He was so good, and the Cowboys were so dominant that Garrett decided that it’s time to bench him so he could rest a little bit. Alfred Morris got most of the late game carries. If Elliot played in the fourth as much as he usually does, his numbers would have been even more impressive.

Right now, there is no question who is the NFL’s most consistent running back. It’s Elliot, and it’s not even close. He still might not be the best RB in the game, but he entered the conversation a long time ago building up his case round by round.