Ezekiel Elliot lacks patience


In their first game of the season, the Dallas Cowboys lost to the New York Giants and plenty of issues popped up for them.

Although the rookie Ezekiel Elliot had hoped to open a new season with the victory, that didn’t happen. The Cowboys lost to their division rival, the Giants, and now they need to put to work and prepare for the next game on Sunday against another team from their division – Washington Redskins.

Elliot proved that he is a talented player, but he lacks patience. As it seemed, he tried to find the hole in the opponent’s defense way to quickly, instead of waiting for the offensive line to create space for him. Everybody is aware that it takes time for a player to develop and surely he will become more patient.

He said:”I’ve got to work on my patience as a runner; I’ve got to be more disciplined.”

He managed to win 51 yards in 20 carries with is a 2.5 average. Although the numbers are far from excellent he did manage to record his first touchdown in his professional career. However, it must be said that the rushing game was not perfect for the Cowboys. They only registered 101 yards in 30 carries, which is far from their standard. Elliot was the fourth pick in the draft and people expected more from him. Hopefully, he can remain collected in the games to come so that he could double, even triple his 2.5 average.


When he was in college Elliot developed really well and even before he came in the NFL he was strong, fast and his vision was remarkable. Even now, people admire that aspect of his game. If he becomes more patient he will be unstoppable since he would be able to read defenses and make the best choices.

The future is bright for this young man.