Ezekiel Elliott Expected To Get Suspended By The NFL

Source: bloggingtheboys.com

The reports are coming in that Ezekiel Elliott is indeed going to get suspended for the domestic violence situation that occurred last year. Earlier this offseason, Adam Schefter of ESPN has reported that NFL is looking into that situation from 2016 and that they are going to decide whether or not he is going to have to miss the first couple of games to start the season.

This Thursday, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio has cited the source and reported that NFL is indeed going to suspend Elliott to start the year, but nobody knows the length of the suspension. As of when will the NFL make their decision official, there is no official date for that but there are rumors that it can happen before this week ends or in the coming week. However, he said that “the prevailing view in league circles” is that Ezekiel Elliott will indeed be found to have violated Personal Conduct Policy that players must follow.

Source: hogshaven.com

Right now, the Cowboys just want this situation to get resolved and for the NFL to make their decision. It is a really tough thing to plan and to strategize without knowing if one of your best players is going to be available to start the season. If he is not, there are some roster moves that need to be made, the team needs to plan how are they going to use both Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris both in the preseason and in the first game or two. Dallas just wants this to be over so they can move on knowing what they have to do.