Ezekiel Elliott Practices with Dallas Cowboys After Suspension (VIDEO)

Source: fanragsports.com

Ezekiel Elliott returned to the Dallas Cowboys facilities after a suspension. He joined the squad for the first time since the beginning of November, and he shared his satisfaction to be back: “It was great. The energy was high. I missed all the guys. They missed me, and we’re excited to continue the season.”


Elliot spent his time in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, staying in shape, but he was unwilling to share what he did there. He didn’t want to answer the question about suspension as well, saying: “I’m not really going to talk about it. It’s behind me. I’m just trying to start a new page, a new chapter. I just want to thank this Cowboys organization for being behind me.”

The star running back added: “I’m thankful to my family, my team, my friends for supporting me through the time and especially the Cowboys fans who stuck by me through this tough time and have a lot of faith in me. But I’m not talking about it anymore. This is the last time you’ll hear me speak about it. So please don’t even ask me about it.”

The journalists wanted to find out how Elliott spent time in Cabo, but he refused to answer, saying that he was done (with the interview). Although Elliott was not willing to speak to the media, his teammates were obviously thrilled with his comeback.

“He knows what’s important, and that’s the game of football,” quarterback Dak Prescott said. “So I’m sure like I said, I know it motivated him just watching the game and watching his teammates, and his boys go out there and play. Obviously, him wanting to be out there, I know it lit a fire in him. And just seeing him in the way he’s been performing in coming back, you can tell.”


Prescott praised Elliott after Wednesday’s practice, saying that Zeke took all of his runs more than 20 yards. Moreover, he also mentioned Elliott’s pass protection. Meanwhile, Zack Martin stated: “He obviously brings a lot of energy, and it’s great to have him back. He looks in great shape, looks ready to go, so it’ll be exciting to see him play on Sunday.”

Garrett is also relieved that Elliott returned and he spoke highly of him as well. He said: “He’s capable of doing anything we’d ask him to do at the running back position. He’s obviously a really good runner. He’s a good receiver. He’s a good protector. He can play in any situation. We’ll work through this week and see what he’s able to do in this game plan.”

Even without Elliott, the Cowboys managed to maintain their running game, and they averaged 121 yards per encounter. Alfred Morris replaced him, and he had 430 yards on 99 carries, whereas Rod Smith helped him out with 43 carries for the total of 153 yards and a rushing TD in four consecutive games.

Meanwhile, Garrett continued: “We’ll certainly get Alfred ready; we’ll certainly keep Rod ready. Those guys have done a really nice job handling the situation throughout when Zeke was here early on in the season, getting prepared for their opportunities, and then, when he wasn’t here, taking advantage of their chances to play. All hands on deck.”

Zeke has played eight games so far, and despite missing six matches, he is sixteenth in the league in rushing with 783 yards on 191 carries. Moreover, he has had the total of seven rushing touchdowns and 210 receiving yards with two times receiving the ball in the end zone.

“He’s obviously a really good football player, and a big part of that is the mentality that he brings,” Garrett said. “And he brings it every day whether it’s a walkthrough, a practice or on Sunday for three hours. He just plays with the right demeanor. He loves to play football. He loves working at it and again [we’re] excited to have him back.”