Ezekiel Elliott’s Six-Game Suspension Fight Isn’t Over?

Source: www.wfaa.com

It appears that Ezekiel Elliott is still hoping that his six-game suspension will not be enforced, even though the final decision has been made recently. On Monday, the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) filed a motion for a temporary restraining order, and preliminary injunction on running back’s behalf.

His suspension was reinstated by the 5th Circuit US Court of Appeals in New Orleans as Elliott’s preliminary injunction was vacated on Thursday. The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell suspended the Dallas Cowboys running back to six games due to domestic violence allegations in July last year.

So far, Ezekiel Elliott has been able to play for the Cowboys because the union immediately appealed Goodell’s decision and all we waited for was the ruling from the 5th Circuit. Since the NFLPA has filed a petition for an en banc appeal hearing, while the two sides are waiting for a court date, Zeke should be allowed to return to the field. Meanwhile, his attorney Frank Salzano is going to file a petition to a New York judge so that Elliott’s case is heard before the full 5th Circuit Court date.

Source: cowboyswire.usatoday.com

Perhaps we see Ezekiel Elliott in the backfield if the restraining order and injunction are granted, but that is not likely to happen. In case the 5th Circuit decides to grant the en banc hearing and overturns the decision brought last week, the restraining order would be open to discussion.

Sports law attorney from Florida, Daniel Wallach, who has kept an eye on the case all this time told Fort Worth Star-Telegram: “Both gave substantive dissertations on fundamental fairness. The (New York) judge is now armed with two powerful court opinions to grant the injunction as a place holder. The opinions provide a road map for an injunction. All he has to show is a likelihood of success. It doesn’t mean he will win the case in the long run.”

The Dallas Cowboys are 2-3, and they are facing the San Francisco 49ers next week. Zeke has contributed significantly to the team with 393 rushing yards on 105 carries, and if nothing changes, Elliott will not play against San Francisco, Washington, Kansas City, Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia and Los Angeles Chargers.