Facebook gets positive response, makes Workplace available to all


Facebook had received overwhelming affirmations from more than one thousand companies who had been using Workplace in their respective organizations. Even in India, companies are now using the app in their operations.

Because of this, the social network is making the app available to everyone. Employees can already communicate with their colleagues and managers can host a virtual meeting in real time across the world. You can listen to your CEO’s presentation on Facebook Live.

On Tuesday, Facebook made this public declaration. The will make Workplace available to any company or organization who wants to use it. The five leading countries using the app are India, the United States, Norway, United Kingdom and France.

Several multinational companies have also embraced the app. Danone, Starbucks, Booking.com as well as some international non – profit organizations like Oxfam are using Workplace. YES Bank in India and the Government Technology Agency in Singapore have all become patrons of the Workplace app.

Larsen & Toubro is an enterprise based in India. According SN Subrahmanyam, the organization’s deputy managing director and president, the Workplace platform reflects the perfect synergy of people driving technology. He believes that technology is nothing without people and Workplace supports such principle. For him, the Workplace is a whole new paradigm of employee engagement.


A competitive pricing model also awaits subscribers of this social networking service. It will be based on a monthly fee for every active user. Companies will be charge $3 per user for the first 1,000 monthly active users. As the company grows and more users are added, subscription fees would be a dollar less. Two dollars per user if you have more than a thousand and up to ten thousand active monthly users. You will only have to pay a dollar every month for each user if you have more than ten thousand monthly users of the app in your organization.

All the best features of Facebook are brought into the Workplace. Additionally, the have included some enterprise – only features which are useful for tracking the workforce performance and productivity. Dashboard with analytics and single sign – on integrations are just two of these features. Workplace also has identity providers that enables companies to easily integrate it to their existing IT systems.

Another unique feature is the Multi-Company Groups. This feature allows employees from different companies or organizations to work together on collaboration projects safely and securely.

Facebook will be rolling out the Workplace to all customers in the coming weeks and it shall be priced competitively. Companies will only pay for people who are actively using the app. That means huge savings for the organization.