Facebook Inc (FB) Ads Now Ooze Emotions, As FB Continues To Become Internet Doorway

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) recent roll out of its advertisements, are geared-up to make a statement, steeped in sentiment and emotions. Probably they will soon be called Emotion Ads, to differentiate them, from the unrealistic ads commonly crawling on internet’s by-lanes. For Facebook Inc appears to be striving to be the doorway to quality internet time, and reiterating that anything else offers a much lesser quality of experience for the time one spends online!

Emotive Ads galore

Facebook Inc raging ads speak of the network’s supremacy in connecting with long lost friends or finding those who were once dear.

As CEO Mark Zuckerberg assiduously sets out to be the last mile of connect to the online world, he is attempting to rewrite connectivity. In parts of the world, where connectivity is inaccessible, he has chosen to provide it with Internet.Org a non-profit organization. In past few months, internet.org has been drawing up partnerships with internet service providers, in various emerging markets and remote areas of the world, to become the skeleton of internet connectivity.

However, it is essential to note that internet.org, unfortunately does not provide complete and open access to everything online. Instead, it only allows free use of Facebook Inc and certain of the websites, which it has approved as free-of-cost to browse. For everything else that you want to explore online then, you have to pay for it.

As Facebook Inc continues to aggressively pursue its line of being synonymous with internet access and being the initial contact for whole new generations of users, it could well achieve its goal. As a new digital world order begins to form with Facebook Inc-based internet connectivity, Zuckerberg’s success remains to be established.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) emotive ads that retell true stories of reunions and connections being made again, speak of FB’s penetration and synonymous use for online connectivity!