Facebook Inc (FB) Generation More Happier And Healthier: Study


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) came into existence around a decade back, and since then it has risen high in terms of the usage and popularity. The social-media service, which is most often used by the teenagers and youth across the world, makes them not only happier, but healthier as well in comparison with their counterparts a decade ago, concludes a study

Improving habits of ‘Facebook generation’

The reason behind the health and happiness of the ‘Facebook Generation’ is attributed to the usage of the social service by a study. As per the study, only the users are more active physically, but they also refrain from the habits like drinking, and they can protect themselves from bullying, says a report from the Times of India.

The habits of this Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) generation have been found to be better than the last generations. These healthy habits include eating fresh fruits and vegetables in larger quantities, flossing and brushing twice a day, practicing safe sex, keeping safe from getting injured and discussing issues with their parents. The researchers, also, observed that ill practices and habits were on a decline among the youngsters such as lesser incidents of experiencing bullying, weekly consumption of alcohol, and abstaining from the consumption of tobacco and cannabis.

As per the study, overall picture is optimistic, but surprising at the same time. It must be noted that many regions witnessed severe economic crisis in last decade, however, corrective policies to improve the public health were also implemented in the same period.

Obesity still a concern

While large number of youth adopted healthier eating habits and lifestyles, the obesity among the youth still remain a concern. As per the study, obesity, which was already quite high is either at the same old level or has increased to higher levels.

The respondents chosen for the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) study belonged to the age group 11-15 year, and were spread in over 40 different countries. A time period of 16 years was chosen for the study beginning 1994 and ending 2010. Habits, health and happiness of these people were the subject of the study. The study, which was coordinated internationally by the University of St Andrews in the UK, revealed that the current generations are healthier and happier than the older generations.