Facebook Inc (FB) Included Live Video Sharing as a New Feature

Facebook headquarters hq

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has good news for you as you prepare for the festive season. You will now share live videos with your friends and family.

The world’s most popular social media site is putting this new feature to the test. This feature will enable its subscribers, 1.5 billion, in number to share videos of what they are doing as it happens. Does this not sound fun?

The test of the new feature began with a small US silver audience using iPhones. The company, which has its headquarters in California, failed to clarify whether all Facebook subscribers with smartphones will have access to this feature.

The launch of this feature will be seen as a response to rivals, Twitter, who brought Periscope to the market. Periscope is a live video sharing application that was launched early this year. Apart from Periscope, Meerkat is another application that can be used to share live videos among subscribers.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has in previous years copied the ideas of other social networks. They can be excused since they do this in an attempt to remain as the leading social networking site.

The hashtag symbol, originally a Twitter thing used to highlight major topics in conversations and updates, has been embraced by Facebook in the recent past. Foursquare are responsible for popularizing the option that allows users to check for specific locations. Currently, Facebook offers that option to its subscribers.

The unoriginality of Facebook does not end there. By now you are familiar with the ‘Collage’ feature. This feature enables you to stuff pictures that were taken in the same place or event in a way that they are viewed as a slide show. This feature will be on Facebook application soon. The feature was introduced by Google years ago in their social network, Plus. Recently, Google has brought the feature to their photo application.

Facebook intends to introduce the Collage option on the iPhone application before extending the favor to Android users who have installed their application sometime next year.

Both of these features will bring Facebook subscribers closer even though most of them are miles away from each other. The concept of this feature is to make feel they are in the same place through videos and photos. When your friend shares a video live video while he is on a beach in the Tahiti, will you not feel like you are sharing the moment with him?

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, intends to have the virtual reality technology implemented very soon. The company secured this technology by purchasing Oculus for $2 billion in 2014. This feature will revolutionize videos; the feature will add more life to videos.

The live video option is not all smooth. Copyrights are likely to be violated y users when they share videos whose owners hold copyrights. Clips from movies and pay-per-view games events will be shared. Copyright owners will, therefore, have to monitor the activities on Facebook to ensure their rights are not violated; this has happened with Periscope. Twitter has been contacted on many occasions to remove some of the videos shared.