Facebook Inc (FB) Launched Events Subscribe Buttons; Tries To Woo Musicians


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is for all- users, the networking people, advertisers and now, lately, the musicians. The company has launched a new Events Subscribe button, which will allow the musicians to enhance their ticket sale. This button is introduced to the Events section in all Pages, and the facility will be available on mobile as well as desktop. Once a user clicks this button, he will be able to get a notification in case an event is organized by it.

Helps Musicians

This move is said to enhance the visibility of musicians and also increase their ticket sales. This is considered as a helpful gesture of Facebook because it is an era when it becomes difficult to monetize on the recorded music. Touring, is indeed an important source of revenue for musicians.

Through this button, the local businesses which run promotional events or the sports teams organizing the events can also derive benefit. The new button is said to reinforce the trust of musicians in the company.

The new button beneath Events Tab

Facebook has put in this new subscribe button above the Events tab on the desktop site. In case you are checking it on mobile, this button will become available below the tab. This button will appear just below the Like button that you will see on the Pages’ Events section.

The notifications about these events will be visible in Events Dashboard. Meanwhile, Facebook will also give its “suggestions,” regarding the events that a user should subscribe to. Just like your Likes, the friends in your account will be visible to the events that you have subscribed to.

This will definitely give a push to the visibility of events. Interestingly, a range of musicians were not happy with the company as their page reach in organic sense dropped down. Even though this was a natural cause of stiff competition, but the artists are not very happy with the decreased reach of their posts to the audience.