Facebook Inc (FB) Launches tvOS SDK with Login Support for Apple TV


Earlier today, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) announced its own SDK for Apple TV’s tvOS. The announcement was made via a blog post on Facebooks’s developer site. Facebook says that it will help developers “build immersive social experiences on that platform.”

So far there are three features provided by Facebook’s SDK: Facebook Login, Sharing to Facebook and Facebook Analytics for Apps. This means that users can easily share links, photos and video from tvOS to Facebook

Apple is notorious for annoying its customers with its cumbersome text input system. Users have constantly criticized the company over this feature. This along with the requirement of entering the password using an on-screen keyboard has been a major issue for almost all the Apple users. The solution to such problems has been found by the social media giant, Facebook.

tvOS’s Facebook login will allow users to easily log-in to their apps with a single account. This feature is similar to Facebook’s login on iOS. Facebook has taken care of the problem users had to face while using Apple TV’s complicated text entry method.

Instead, Facebook login requires only a confirmation code for authentication. Using a unique 8 digit code, users can authorize the app on their smartphones or tablets. This eliminates the need for a full-screen Apple TV keyboard to enter log-in credentials.

Facebook login is going to provide a deep and personalized experience on Apple TV.  You can go to any third party app and choose “login with facebook” to bypass Apple’s login setup. After entering the 8 digit security code into your phone, you’re all set. There is no need for an Apple TV Remote to login.

Available in Beta version, the SDK is well equipped with an analytics package. This package will enable developers to track their app’s perform. Implementing this SDK will enable the developers to see what type of users are viewing their app. This data will be useful for the developers in making future decisions.

The procedure of adding the SDK to any app is very simple. It can be added in the same manner as any other SDK is added on an iOS app.

The SDK will gain popularity within a very short duration of time. The main reason being that Apple TV is not limited to a single user only but is accessible by the entire family. Using this SDK will reduce the problem of individual loggings into the TV. Facebook’s foothold is bound to get stronger because of the introduction of the SDK.