Facebook Inc (FB)’s Latest Report Reveals Shocking Facts: Governments Are Prying Into Your Lives

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) recently released a report on the number of requests made by various governments to seek information about its users. This report reveals shocking information on how governments are prying into private lives.

It is no secret that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) holds much data about each and every user. What we think, what we feel, what we share are all put on it. Thus the information this company possesses can be of tremendous use to governments. It is fine if the information is sought to solve a crime. But when your personal information is revealed without your permission then it is a breach of your privacy.

According to the report, between the six months of July to December, The Company received 35,051 requests from various governments. U.S government alone made about 14,234 of those requests about user information. India ranks below U.S. with 5,473 requests. The social network claims that it provided information in only 45% of cases in India. But at the same time it approved 5,832 cases of content restriction in India. UK made around 2,366 requests in last six months of July; 66% of those requests were approved.

The report contains statistics about information requests from almost every country in the world. It is shocking to see how every country is looking for information about us through Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). What is more shocking is the fact that the company responded and approved significant number of those requests. Highest number of requests is about information about user data. The requests about content restriction rank second.

The company approved 48% of requests made by Argentina, 68.64% in case of Australia, 57% for Canada, 80% in Croatia, 42% in France, 61% in Mexico, 85% in Philippines, 74% in Singapore, 76% in Sweden and 70% in Turkey.

Shocked? Not only the governments are to blame but Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is also accountable. The only bright side in this matter is that it at least revealed the statistics.