Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Confirms Plans For Virtual Reality Apps

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s head of product, Chris Cox, has confirmed that the giant social network is working on the creation of its apps in virtual reality. The new project intends to make it easier for users to share their current environment with other users by the use of apps according to Cox; speaking at the Recodes’ Media conference in California.

However, Cox did not shed more light on how they intend to make the apps work in virtual reality or how users will be able to create content or even a timeline for their release. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) plans to make it easier for users to make virtual realities as it is with the uploading of a photo or a video online so that anyone can do it.

Cox also reiterated that it may take some time before the feature comes into full use as the development continues. The push into virtual reality does not come as a surprise as Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) bought Oculus VR for $2 billion for such projects.

Cox also described some cool film demos that he had tried out on Oculus Rift headset that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is working on. The executive cited an example in which an Oculus Rift headset wearer envisions being inside a yurt in Mongolia or inside a Blue Angel fighter.

The company has already shown its credentials in the space most notably at the Sundance Film Festival where the company showed how aggressive it is, in the building of new narrative experiences, using the technology.

When Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) bought Oculus, CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, reiterated that they would seek to make it possible for users to share their entire experiences and adventures online with their friends.

The purported notion on the working of the apps in virtual reality is that Facebook plans to make it possible for users to share their current environment on a ‘fuller immersive picture’ unlike the current mode of using pure photos and texts