Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Groups ‘For Sale’ Feature Gets More Slicker

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is at it again, with the silent rollout of improved features for the ever popular Groups with fledged-out ‘For Sale.’ The feature will allow members to develop a form-type of post, to indicate the price, delivery location as well as the pick-up details.

Given the variety of groups which exist on the social network, over time, the subcategory of ‘for sale’ was found to be a major sub category. Much like popular listing and selling platforms for books or electronics, like the eBay listing and Craig lists, the new changes will give users a more structured method to post their items for sale.

Earlier, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) ‘For Sale’ groups appeared to have issues with managing the items posted for sale. The major issue was, when sellers forgot to list the price; list the delivery or pick-point and more. Questions exploring the product too were found to push ahead of the latest listings, leaving a trail of posts which left the whole experience slightly challenging.

The key achievement with the new feature rolled-out in February as test programs and currently confirmed by FB offices, For Sale features allow for better, efficient and structured selling and listing within the group.
Even better, group admins have better controlling features, meaning the entire experience of online sales at Facebook is that much more effective and clear.

The richer aspects which are now currently available for the For Sale Groups is the ability to mark ‘Available’ or ‘Sold’ tag giving administrators better control over posts that can be deleted.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is yet to port many of the other features, such as Group searches for the mobile, and searches continue to be available for the desktop form factor only. As FB continues to drive a robust platform for Sale groups, with added features, the time will not be far, when most of the challenges will allow for professional trading, sans posts aggregation!