Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Introduces In-App purchase With App Install Ads

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is one company which has been able to monetize ads on its social networking platform, with decisive profits. Now, it has added one other dimension to it, which will set direct marketers rubbing their hands in glee.

Deep Linking App Install Ads With In-App Purchase

The new dimension added is a direct marketer’s haven, for it allows in-app purchase page to open, once users have installed ads.

Direct marketing on the web has been straight forward thus far. Users, who like a specific product or service, viewed it in a new tab and chose to make the purchase or exit. However, in the case of mobiles, most direct marketers have taken the app-way to sell their services and wares. Therefore, the first challenge for them is to convince them to download their app. Making the purchase they were interested in the ad could happen or may not happen.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has evolved a solution for this Direct marketing woe. The company has been crunching some very large data bits and has now found that by linking the ads to install apps with a particular in-app purchase, the problem is solved.

The social network will enable this ‘combo’ effect by deep-linking the in-app purchase option on the ads users click to install the direct marketer’s app. All of this happens in a few nano-seconds, allowing for no latency, but ensuring the direct marketer sells his product.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) higher conversion rates will mean that direct marketing could well mean app install advertising. Following the roll-out of this new feature, FB may well march past its block-buster $3.32 billion ad revenue in last quarter.

Social media sites are becoming the most sought after of avenues online. While traditional web-adspace co-exist on the display screen real estate, it is ads such as the in-app purchase, install ads by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) which are making all the money.