Facebook Inc (FB) Launches New Guide For User’s Security And Privacy

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) recognizes how to be competitive by not just alluring its target customers but retaining them. Be it launching attractive features or sharing appealing information. This time it is the release of new and refreshed security guides to simplify its opprobrious and obscure security settings.

These guides help users to educate themselves about the finest secure practices to keep their account safe from all kinds of hacking and thefts and understand such attempts before they are executed. Truly following “Prevention is better than cure”.

These guides are accessible in the privacy portal and are scripted in 40 different languages to cater to their expanded network with a few visual and interactive guides to make it more amusing and engaging. It has a section dedicated to safety wherein questions like setting strong passwords, identifying skeptical actions and immediate steps of action if the account is hacked by an unknown etc. are answered.

These initiatives taken by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) are based on significant observations and research.

Melissa Luu-Van, Product manager of Facebook, mentioned that there have been a considerable number of visits to the Facebook’s privacy section that endows people to use its plentiful privacy controls. But this observation was not restricted to the number of visits. It was also seen that the more people go to these sections, more questions they had, that went unanswered. Based on these activities, Facebook launched a step by step guide even for people who are not very comfortable and consummate with technology and automation by showcasing the snapshot of every security option and its process.

With the world getting digitized, online threats have increased by gigantic leaps. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) being a platform to share the personal details is carrying an unwieldy responsibility of securing the platform and its information. In such sides and scenarios, people hope to follow the foremost and nonpareil security practices.

These initiatives and a sense of business acumen have proven strikingly fruitful for Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) in retaining such a massive network of people.