Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Making “Liking” More Meaningful

Facebook Like Button

If you own a business of your own and its up on Facebook, you are most likely already using Page audience data to understand what your followers are talking about. Therefore, in order to make audience data more meaningful to business persons, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is now updating the way in which Page likes are counted.

This involves removing the “memorialized and voluntarily deactivated accounts” from the Pages’ like counts. One can get to know about your deactivated account from the Facebook “Manage Your Account” setting. This section has all the information that you ever need to know about deactivating or deleting accounts. This new change will ensure that all the data that goes up on Facebook is always the latest and up-to-date.

Removing inactive accounts

The two primary reasons as to why Facebook has taken this step are two-fold.
By removing voluntarily deactivated Facebook accounts from the Pages’ like total counts, firstly, business results are helped. This way, by removing inactive Facebook accounts from the Page data will help businesses know exactly the people who actively follow their Page. This small bit of insight will actually prove a great help in the long run. It makes it much easier for businesses to find people such as followers using certain tools.

Secondly, Facebook is all out for keeping things “consistent” on the social media. They already filter comments and likes which have been generated by memorialized or deactivated accounts form individual Page posts. This way the updates are constant and consistent.

What you can expect

In the next couple of weeks, Page administrators will notice that there is a small decrease in the number of Page likes, simply because of this new update made by Facebook. However, it is noteworthy to mention that these “removed likes” are of the people who are already inactive on Facebook.

However, an interesting feature is that if a deactivated account I reactivated, then the removed like will be re-added to the Page’s like count. Meaningful information of Facebook is beneficial to all and should not go unnoticed. Facebook is hopeful that this small change will prove to be worthy of adding value and ease to the various businesses out there!