Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) On An Advertising Spree To Popularize Messenger

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is to popularize its standalone messaging app, Messenger, by airing a series of ads both on TV, Cinema and online. The advertising campaign comes in the wake of messaging apps crowding up peoples smartphones translating into increased competition in the space.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) with the new set of ads may be trying to win back some fans after being accused of forcing people on a second separate app on Mobile. Facebook will be testing the new ads in LA and Chicago before making a wider national rollout. It is a bit weird for Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) according to the Business Insider to carry out a massive advertising campaign for people to know its products.

Facebook has over the years grown to be a want-to-be place when one wants to advertise anything for mass-audience. Advertising has grown to be an integral part for the giant social network in terms of revenue returns. The advertising according to the business insider is intended to get people understand the difference between Messenger and other apps that they might be using.

Competition in Asia

The ads for the U.S markets will launch later in the weekend after similar campaigns are unveiled in Japan. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is trying to focus on Asian markets as its dominance has always been under threat in this markets.

Japan, for instance, has its own web platform called Mixi that is an all invitation platform for people above the ages of 18. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) active users in Japan stands at 16 million second to Mixi, which has a total of 25 million active users.

The race for active users is heating up as this most of the time determines the amount of traffic a platform gets in terms of marketers looking to air adverts. The more the number of active users a platform commands the more the number of ads one is guaranteed to get.