Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Overtakes The Internet

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is all set to become your home screen soon. At F8, a developer conference of Facebook, its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, declared that from a single app, Facebook has turned into a family of apps. He launched a messenger platform for Facebook through which its 600 million users would be able to avail the services of various third-party apps and tools including ESPN, Giphy and The Weather Channel. Also, there would be a Messenger for Business, through which one would be able to call, email or interact using a customer service chat app.

Here, it may be noted that Facebook had tried to take over phone two years ago through “Home” and it had failed. Now, it has come up with a Messenger platform where users can go inside and then move to all other third-party apps. One can now check the match scores on ESPN, make some savings on Giphy or check the weekend weather on The Weather Channel, all staying inside the ecosystem of Facebook.

This is not an inclusive list of its partners. Many more would definitely come up with new apps to take benefit from the huge customer base of Facebook.

One can easily foresee that in the near future, Facebook would come to compete directly with iOS and Android. Users will gradually become used to living inside the Facebook ecosystem due to its easy access to businesses and retail organizations.

In its new platform, an internet like environment shall be created which will bring enormous user data at its disposal. Thus Facebook will be in a better position to design new apps and features targeting the specific needs of its users.

In case a user is using Facebook’s internet, he would be easily inclined to use this platform to host video content. Thus it would be easier to share videos effortlessly through various apps of Facebook, indirectly endangering the existence of YouTube.

Thus Zuckerberg has heralded a new future for the world where Facebook will the entire internet. Thus, it will become an all-in-one place where one could share news, meet friends, check out the favourite apps, transfer money somewhere or even do some shopping.

This version of Facebook is here to stay.