Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Patents Technology to Find Marketing ‘Influencers’

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) does push the boundaries in monetization! For a social network, it definitely has built its value, a task which pure technology and hardware companies’ envy. Facebook’s game, has been to remain ahead of what its user’s want, while they use Facebook. Once, it has found the pulse of its users, it then methodically proceeds to find the people who will buy such user base. Therefore FB’s success is in its ability to market its content for users to find and share. This in turn generates groups of consumers for interested marketers.

Over time, Facebook’s big data analysis has pointed to one particular user who is responsible for the explosive sharing of content: the ‘Influencer,’ in a Group.

Moreover, this time around, Facebook has found that ‘influencer’ groups are celebrities who hold the key to increasing the value of content on an everyday basis.

And typical of Facebook Inc they now have the codes ready to find out who will be the influencer and has blatantly patented the same!

Patent Technology to Identify ‘Influencer’

Facebook Inc undoubtedly knows where the money lies on its network! Though the patent was first submitted back in 2011, by Andrew Bosworth, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) head of Ads, it was granted only in the previous week. The patent, which is rather like the patents held by other giants such as Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), Yahoo! Inc (NASDAQ:YHOO) or Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) for ‘Influencer Marketing,’ Facebook Inc’s patent, according to analysts, is ingenious!

Facebook Inc, unlike the other big names has found a very simple method to find out ‘celeb’ influencers. For Facebook’s analogy is based on finding an ‘expert’ first who then induces the celebrity to share, creating pockets of strong shares among followers. This is unlike competitors who are simply worried about the volumes of connections of the influencer, or the strengths of followers.

Therefore, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) double-edged verification of the strengths of the influencer-expert combination is expected to fetch higher paying buyers over those that haunt the likes of Google, Yahoo or Microsoft!