Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Provides ‘Clarity’ on Its Takedown Guidelines

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is making sincere efforts to educate its users for which it is providing detailed information regarding what material they can post and what is banned. The new version of the guidelines is three times longer than the old version, and is laid out in about 2,500 words.

Facebook aims to provide more ‘clarity’

For the purpose of providing more ‘clarity,’ the new guidelines have been issued, said the US firm. Though the safety advisers found it useful and one of them even praised the move, the fact that other steps had not been taken left many disappointed. On monthly basis, the service of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is used by approximately 1.4 billion people.

All the users, who complain about the posts made by other users, will receive a copy of the new guidelines from the company that will also replace the old one on the website of the firm.

A separate section on ‘dangerous organizations’ is included in its revamped community standards. All the permissible types of nudity that are allowed by it to be posted have been discussed in detail there.

Why the new guidelines were needed?

Facebook did not entertain some of the take down requests made by the users of the website that led to confusion among the users, and hence the company thought of clearing the doubts by issuing the new guidelines, said Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s global head of content policy, Monika Bicket.

“We [would] send them a message saying we’re not removing it because it doesn’t violate our standards, and they would write in and say I’m confused about this, so we would certainly hear that kind of feedback,” she told the BBC. Previously, also, the company was against bullying and terrorism, but this was not very clear to users. Hence, they had questions surrounding these topics which needed to be resolved.

Now with the new guidelines, Facebook makes it clear that it does not allow terrorist organizations and people, who praise or support such organizations and leaders along with their members, to be a part of their community. Not only are this, even the praise of such groups and their leaders not permitted on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). This was not detailed earlier.

However, Ms. Bicket noted that, in reality, there has been no change in the policies.