Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) To Monetize On 50 Million Business Pages It Hosts

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has announced updates to the pages being used by businesses. According to the company, over 50 million businesses use Facebook pages as compared to 40 million users in April 2015. These business pages get over 2.5 billion comments monthly and thus the company has decided to launch a bouquet updates to make the pages even more appealing for small and medium sized business.

New Updates For Better Interaction

Product Manager, Pages for Facebook, Michael Sharon said that the as business pages are operational 24*7, thus the social media giant has launched new tools to enhance customer interaction and experience. Now, businesses will be able to deal more effectively with the public and private messages received on their pages, which in turn will simplify relationship building and management. An updated inbox will be provided to the businesses on their page for segregation of public and private messages based on priority.

Response to messages can also be given swiftly on the profile page of visitors or also through the Facebook messenger. Automated replies can also be initiated to greet customers and redirect them to available resources. Also, the businesses and users will be able to view their previous conversations and provide location details (like the current city).

The administrator of the page will be able to add notes and comments about the clients which include orders and services preference. Additional features to messages has also been added which facilitates admin to flag, move or send a private message to the customers. This will help address the problem of delayed responses from organizations and also will provide timely attention to the customers’ needs.

The new messaging tools will be a boost to the burgeoning popularity of the platform.

Updates To Be Available Soon

The updates would be available in all countries in the coming months as the business pages platform gains ground. COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg said that a third of SMBs in US have no online presence and these updates are an attempt to create a marketplace for such businesses.