Facebook Inc (FB) Unleashes Anonymous Chatting With Rooms

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is transforming the way people chat after debuting an application that lets people with similar interests strike conversations without sharing their names. The application named Rooms, lets people create chat rooms on a topic and engage with each other without having to connect on Facebook. Users will be allowed to select whichever name they like while chatting with anonymity.

Rooms Works on Invitation Only

The Rooms project is part of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s Creative Lab work to bring to realization multiple projects that may or may not kickoff. Rooms is also part of Facebook’s effort to bring back traditional way of chatting where specific interest brought people together. Rooms is also in a way different from older methods that were used for internet conversing.

One cannot pop into any room and start a conversation without being invited through a generated QR code. Rooms Creators will only invite people to an all mobile-only room. Invites can be made via a picture option in the app as well as from a photo taken offline with a smartphone. Rooms also allow people to share photos and videos.

Rooms Customization

A Room administrator will be able to customize the actual design of the chatting platform right from its color scheme, cover photo to emoji. Creators will also be able to control how the room gets accessed by other people, as well as pin important messages. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is reportedly planning to add more features to the new service with the addition of more tools for customization.

Rooms will allow Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) gain traction of the anonymous application space as people continue to yearn for applications that hide their personal information. Rooms is entering into a space dominated by the likes of soft Secret Inc. and Whisper Inc. which allows for posting of photo-based anonymous thoughts.