Facebook Points Google’s Mistake to its Face

Image source: metalsucks.net

On Monday, during a session of Q&A held at TechCrunch’s Disrupt Conference, Facebook’s VP, messaging products, David Marcus has said that is a brilliant idea to use Facebook’s messenger than making use of Google’s chat apps.

Marcus noted that Google’s inability to have a major popular chat app has garnered over 1 billion users for Facebook’s messenger app.

He pointed out that Android SMS experience will make you want to use a much better means of chatting that the traditional SMS. Marcus said that with the purchase of a new Android phone comes various messaging apps that does not allow Google have total control over the apps like is obtainable with iMessage on Apple.

Even with that, all these apps Android messengers and Google Hangouts are not that popular. With the Facebook Messenger new features get included often to make the experience an interesting one unlike that of Google that does not embark on updates of their apps.

What Google deemed important was to invest in developing new two messaging apps – Allo for a “smart” chat app and Duo for video. These new messengers according to Google will be made available in stores very soon.

Allo boasts of including links that you could find interesting like where to eat, what to eat, recipes for some special meals, etc, and also claims to be able to stop threats from bots that are capable of interrupting users from accessing Google. With the hype that Allo has received from Google, it still won’t be able to include SMS as can be seen with Google’s Hangouts, a spokesperson revealed.

This can slow down its popularity among users. From the rankings that has already been recorded in Play Stores and iOS, the Duo is already going down. However, there is plan by Google to build another amazing messaging app in no distant time which people are not yet excited about.

Facebook in the meantime has been taking good advantage of the situation to woo even Android users into using its SMS included in the messenger app. Their aim is to become the popular and major way of sending text messages on Android phones.

According to Marcus, for a messaging app to be very successful, it must make sure that it reach is far and deep. It should have the ability of allowing users to converse all in one place. To Marcus, Messengers will be termed successful when they can be seen on every smartphone.

However, he received some objections when he tried to drag Google’s messaging apps along. We hope Allo from Google will become very popular so that when it launches next week, people will embrace it, otherwise what Marcus said could hold true when he made reference to Messenger as the best option for Android cross-OS communication.