Interesting Facts to Know about Flowers You Probably Didn’t Know

Flowers have different meanings in different cultures. However, globally, they are some sort of “tool” that you can use to express certain positive emotions. Men buy flowers to ladies for anniversaries, birthdays, and other important days of the year. In that way, they want to express love and gratefulness. 

On the other hand, flowers can be a beautiful decoration. We are not talking here only about flowers that people have in their gardens. They can also bring new energy and change the atmosphere inside the house.

In the end, it is important to mention that some flowers can serve as an excellent medicine. Some of them are recognized by formal medicine while others are not. However, traditions of different countries confirm that certain medicines can be excellent for different health purposes such as pain relief, aromatherapy, etc. 

Anyway, everything we just said is, more or less, familiar to people around the world. There are certain interesting facts to know about flowers you probably didn’t know, and we will highlight them in this article. You will probably change your way of thinking about flowers after reading this post and potentially add a couple of species as decorations inside your house. Let’s start with entertaining facts together! 

Titan Arum Is The Smelliest Flower

All the flowers you have probably got or gifted to someone had a beautiful aroma. However, this is not the case with all the species you can find in the world. According to different researches, Titan Arum or Sumatran is the stinkiest flower in the world. Its smell is similar to the one that the dead body produces (awful comparison, but that’s the best way to describe it). 

The smell of this plant is not the only interesting fact. It is also one of the tallest you can find in all parts of the globe. Believe it or not, their height can go up to three meters. We are sure you haven’t seen a flower that high so far. 

The Number of Different Flower Species Is Huge


When you think that you are a great connoisseur of flowers, think twice. You have probably seen or heard about hundreds of different species and know their name in Latin. Unfortunately, you are far away from an expert because there are hundreds of thousands of species in the world. More precisely, there are between 250 and 300 thousand species that scientists have found so far. 

Are you surprised after reading this fact? Well, the next piece of information will probably surprise you even more. Did you know that are more than 35 000 species of roses only? Yeah, the flower that people buy the most has 35 thousand variations, and most of them you can’t find in the most populated areas. 

Anyway, you probably won’t manage to remember all of them. However, if you are a big fan of aesthetic flowers, then we recommend you click here after reading this article and find out their name and other interesting facts. 

The History of Roses Starts during the 1600s

Speaking of roses, saying only a couple of words about them would be unfair. We would like to add one more interesting fact about their history. As mentioned, people send flowers when they want to express love, respect, and other beautiful emotions. Something like that started during the 1600s when the French explorer, Samuel de Champlain, brought these beautiful flowers to North America as a symbol of respect. Of course, no one says this is literally the first time someone gifted roses, but it is the first documented case. 

Do You Know Which Flower Is the Oldest?

There are some flowers that are older millions of years. However, 19 years ago, scientists discovered something amazing. They found the fossil of the oldest flower that is old more than 125 million years. The fossil was located in China and the scientists named it “the mother of all flowers”. 

The Planet Earth Has Its Gas Plants

As previously said, the purpose of flowers is to send a lovely message, decorate your garden, room, and other places. However, there are certain plants that are a bit different than others. During the warm nights, there are some of them that produce a colorless gas throughout their flowers. In most cases, these gasses have pink and white colors, but there are certain exceptions where you could potentially see other colors as well. We are pretty sure 99% of the world population hasn’t seen anything similar. 

The Life of Agave Is Unique

You probably know how agave plant looks. However, did you know that many people often call it “The Century Plant”? The reason why it got this name is actually pretty specific. Many Agave plants flourish for years by they do not grow any flowers. When you see the Agave plant has a single flower, that means it is near the end of its life. That is the reason why we said the life of Agava is unique because there is no plant with this sort of “life” discovered so far. 

Some Plants Have the Ability to Eat

We know that the subtitle seems strange, but, yes, some flowers have the ability to eat. This counts when we talk about carnivorous plants. These flowering plans eat small animals such as frogs as well as different insects such as bees, spiders, and others.

The digestion process is pretty simple. Their leaves primarily form some sort of pitcher that is full of digestive juices and fluids. Because of that, whenever a bug lands on their flower, they digest it. 

Final Thought

All the facts about flowers that we mentioned in this article are probably going to be interesting to people of all ages. You have probably heard for the first time that the oldest flower is 125 million years old and that some plants have the ability to eat small animals and insects. 

These facts only confirm how symbolic flowers actually are. Do not wait for the important days and holidays to surprise someone. Buy flowers and gift them to the person you love on random days and make the surprise even more valuable that way.