Here Is Why Falcons Are Serious Contenders In NFC

Five weeks have passed in the NFL, and there is only one undefeated team remaining. Denver Broncos are not one of them as they suffered their first loss at tome against the Falcons. Even though they were the underdog, Falcons have led throughout the game and held on to 23:16 win.

Their offense wasn’t as good as they were against Carolina, but that was expected. Broncos defense is tough to play against, even on the road, but this team did it. And the reason why they were successful yesterday is the same as the reason why they should be considered as real contenders in the NFC.

And that is their offensive versatility. They just have so many weapons and they can mix it up no matter how good the opposing defense is. Last week they used the physicality and athleticism of Julio Jones to get the job done. But, knowing how good Denver’s secondary is, they used Coleman and short passes to him. He was able to penetrate the defense for a couple of big plays that later resulted in scoring finishes.

Falcons are now in a great position in their division. If Panthers, who are without Cam Newton, lose on Monday, Falcons will have a three-game advantage over their biggest rivals. They are well on their way to make the Playoffs. And when they do, they will be a serious threat to every opponent.