The Most Famous Outlaws in the Video Slots

History has recorded many vivid incidents and events involving good moments as well as negative ones. Many people are familiar with personalities such as Shakespeare, Tesla, Archimedes, Leonardo da Vinci, and many others. However, one does not always become famous only for good deeds – some are glorified for great crimes that were able to shock the world. To the same extent, they are dedicated movies and documentary films, games, and even slots. Such products attract attention, add adrenaline, and dynamics to the gameplay.

Often, gambling software manufacturers integrate fictionally, but no less epic characters into their developments. For example, John Wick or Darkseid can bring to the game a special atmosphere and drive. You must admit that a slot machine with these characters will be interesting largely due to the plot and themes. You can get acquainted with most slot machines at

Is it legal to use famous names in games?

If the developer of a video game or slot responsibly approaches their product, they will get the permission of the right holder to introduce a particular character. Each country and region has its own rules and laws governing such activities, so obtaining the rights in the procedure. In general, characters can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Fictional or created as a stage persona by living people;
  • Animated, including comic books and films;
  • Real people.

You can’t use a famous name in a game for nothing, because copyright issues will follow.

The most famous outlaws in video slots

It is much easier to promote a novelty with the help of a famous character. This idea is used by many development companies. This applies to both PC and console games as well as online slots in casinos. Let’s take a look at 6 of today’s most popular characters that belong to different time periods and even eras.

Al Capone

His full name was Alphonse Gabriel Capone, a gangster with Italian roots. He is considered to be the founder of organized crime in the United States during the Prohibition era and the Great Depression. Under the guise of the furniture business and dry cleaners, the Great Al made his money in the clandestine manufacture and sale of liquor, as well as smuggled goods. He also ran the gambling business. It was he who introduced such a concept as racketeering, opened elite brothels, and, to hide his true face, sponsored charity canteens feeding the homeless and unemployed. His activities were more concentrated in Chicago falling in the 20s and 30s of the twentieth century.

The well-known company Red Tiger has skillfully implemented this image into its slot machine called 5 Families. It was released in July 2024. In addition to Capone, other gangsters of those times are represented in the game, however, it was him that became the most recognizable.

Events taking place in the slot storyline are held in the clouds of smoke of an elite club, where criminals belonging to five clans smoke expensive cigars and drink the best drinks at the card table. The atmosphere fully reflects the conceived theme plunging gamblers into the process with their heads.

There are five reels placed in three rows featuring glasses of brandy, suitcases of money, receipts, and stacks of casino chips. Once in the VIP room, you can break the big bucks if the gangsters let you do it.


This is the nickname of a sea pirate whose real name was Edward Teach. His operations took place in the waters of the Caribbean in the 18th century. Once on Hornigold’s crew, Teach soon got his own ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, on which he gained fame and became a legend. According to historical accounts, the pirate was not a fierce villain who killed people – he mostly relied on his formidable appearance. His crew was cohesive and satisfied with the leadership of the leader who managed to unite all the pirates in a so-called alliance to block the port in South Carolina for a hefty ransom.

Blackbeard’s Gold slot machine was introduced by Skill on Net in February 2016. It reflects a storyline in each symbol. Users will collect winning combinations via the chests of treasure, pirate flags, Jolly Roger, and lots of other paraphernalia. An RTP of 96% promises a lot of nice moments and prize combinations, and 243 possible directions increase the chance of winning. Three types of scatter and other bonus features make the game dynamic and demanded by many gamblers.

Billy the Kid

William Henry McCarty is a legend of the Wild West and of that time. Having gone through his bright but short life journey, this guy has been remembered and chronicled in the history books. Beginning his criminal activity at a young age, he was shot and killed during another attempted arrest at the age of 21. Many people associate this vivid and controversial personality with some of the most difficult times.

Billy the Kid did not have the appropriate look for a gangster. A skinny blond man with bulging front teeth and no more than 170 cm tall, he had a very firm and determined character that used to save him not only from jail but also from death.

A lot of movies, TV series and video games are devoted to this character, which has not escaped the attention of NetEnt. The developer company introduced its first slot with Billy back in November 2013, after that several sequels were released that are in constant demand among online casino visitors. Reels display some attributes of the time, such as a sheriff’s star, a glass of alcohol, a holster, cowboy boots, and more. The standard set of bonus features – wild, scatter, and multipliers – makes the game simple but, at the same time, vivid and dynamic.

Jack the Ripper

The exact number of victims of this unidentified killer was never ascertained and ranged from 5 to 15 people. The maniac appeared in Whitechapel, a suburb of London, in mid-1888. The forces of Scotland Yard rushed to catch him, but all efforts were unsuccessful. The murderer seemed to taunt the police by sending bloody letters to the detectives. Back then it was a difficult time when the city was overrun by migrants from Ireland, Jews, and Eastern Europeans. The economic decline was marked by the emergence of a serial killer, also called “Leather Apron” because of a specific ritual involving dismemberment and the removal of internal organs.

The epic events became the basis of the storyline in the Jack the Ripper slot by RTG. This game is not for the faint of heart users – it takes place on the blood-drenched reels. The grim atmosphere inspired by the steampunk style is arranged on five reels with 25 paylines. Scatter and wild are bonus symbols that perform their classic functions. Get ready for a terrifying yet interesting game if you are over 18 years old.

Pablo Escobar

This is a very controversial personality. There are many of those who associate him with banditry, terrorism, and the drug business, while others see him as a person involved in charity and helping the underprivileged. Pablo Escobar started as a common car thief and became the owner of all drug trafficking controlling more than 80% of this activity in the U.S. and Colombia. Earning tens of millions a day, he became a friend of the authorities and their opponent at the same time. In the end, after another series of terrorist attacks, he was added to the wanted list and shot by a special group. This is a legend that will be remembered for a long time, especially by those who now live in the areas built with his money.

Narcos is a slot machine by NetEnt. Its design is totally inspired by the style of Colombia of those times when all the power and the underworld belonged to Pablo alone. In its product, the company recreated the events from the series of the same name making the reels feature the following:

  • some of the characters, including the main hero;
  • weapons;
  • luxury vehicles;
  • banknotes, etc.

Bonus features are of special interest because they have their own properties and particularities:

  • Walking Wilds;
  • Licked Up future;
  • Drive-by future;
  • FreeSpins future.

To find out all their prize possibilities, it is better to play and see for yourself.

John Wick

Despite being a fictional character, he is very interesting to a wide audience. The comic book character has been successfully integrated into a series of films that were a box office success worldwide. The trilogy is likely to continue, and Keanu Reeves’ unparalleled performance makes his character very realistic. According to the legend, John has gypsy roots, however, he grew up in Mexico and afterward was trained in all martial arts and escapology in the Russian Roma gang. After being jailed, Wick was recruited by an underground criminal underworld operating under the cover of the Continental Hotels. An incident involving the son of a Russian Mafia baron provoked the wrath of a retired professional assassin who was grieving over the death of his beloved wife.

BrandGames has transferred the storyline to its video slot named after a character. Reels have not only the main character displayed but all the paraphernalia corresponding to his profession. Modern voice-over enhances the effect of presence, and the familiar 5×3 field with 20 lines is simple to be mastered even by a beginner.


It is not only through good deeds that one can become famous – the public is also interested in negative characters, real and fictional. For example, there are two gods in Scandinavian mythology – Thor and Loki. The first one is considered to be a positive character, while the second is a negative one. However, they are equally popular with the audience. This is fully enjoyed by the creators of slots and they have been right – their development became popular due to the recognizability of the main characters or epic events.

This review gives an example of only six famous personalities, whose lives are of interest to filmmakers, biographers, and the general audience. There are many more interesting video slots on the gaming market that deserve the attention of users.