Fandom 250: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has the best fanbase in the world


What stands behind any actor, musician, sportsman or other celebrity in this world, besides their relentless hard work, is their fan base that supports them. One of the greatest achievements that a successful person can wish for is having a large group of people who praise and acknowledge their work. That’s why celebrities in the industry want to be followed by as many fans as possible, as they constantly fight for their affection.

To make things even more exciting, The Fandom 250 chooses the best fanbase among all famous people annually, where we get to see whose efforts paid the most. This year, Dwayne The Rock Johnson reached the top of the celebrity category.

Why Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson fans, one might ask himself?

Well, we can freely say that the name “The Rock” that he got in the 90s when he was a famous wrestler has definitely grown to him. He is now one of the most famous celebrities in the world with the income that surpasses the earnings that one of the biggest names in Hollywood had.


One of the great reasons for his popularity is also the duration of his career which he started as a professional wrestler, only to engage in acting a few years ago. The fans from the beginning of his career stayed with him throughout many years, and thanks to his hard work, many more have joined his strong fanbase.

The very proof of the great support that he gets from his fans is found on his social platforms. He is a celebrity with more than 12 million followers on Twitter for instance. Despite his hard work and frequent traveling, Dwayne is always regular on his social accounts and somehow manages to find time for his fans. His relationship with them is unique.


Now, take a look at the full celebrity category:

1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
2. Stephen Colbert
3. The Kardashians
4. Ava Duvernay
5. Shonda Rhimes
6. Stephen King
7. Gal Gadot
8. Mahershala Ali
9. Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, and Chris Pine
10. John Oliver
11. Christopher Nolan
12. Jordan Peele
13. Samantha Bee
14. Oprah
15. James Cameron
16. Emma Watson
17. Donald Glover
18. Robert Downey Jr
19. Lin-Manuel Miranda
20. Ellen Degeneres
21. Scarlett Johansson
22. Chrissy Teigen
23. Ryan Gossling
24. Jennifer Lawrence
25. Jimmy Fallon
26. Leonardo DiCaprio
27. Aziz Ansari
28. Ashton Kutcher
29. Joss Whedon
30. Kevin Smith
31. Jason Momoa

It’s also important to mention that Fandom 250 has 16 categories overall among which are: NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, Soccer, NCAA, Sports Figures, Celebrities, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Comics, Gaming, Brands, Internet Famous and other.

In order for you to see how these celebrities are classified among other fandoms, take a look at the full Fandom 250 list.