Fantastic Solar Accessories for Your Home

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We love solar energy. Why? Because it reduces our reliance on electricity and batteries which allows us to save money. Of course, there’s the added benefit of knowing we’re doing something that’ll reduce emissions and help the planet!

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Often, people think expensive panels are the only way to invest in solar energy, but this just isn’t the case. Today, we have a list of affordable solar accessories that you can utilize in and around your home! You can also head over to the solar specialists in Phoenix to learn more about energy conservation and other ways you save on your energy bill with solar technology.

  • Outdoor Solar Lights
    Rather than using battery-operated lights outside, why not invest in one of the brilliant solar-powered lights now available?

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    After charging while the sun’s out, the lights will turn on once visibility reduces past a certain point; this is ideal for gardens and driveways. Today, there are hundreds of different designs and many actually dim to save power when no motion is detected.

  • Solar Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
    Computers are a necessary evil when it comes to energy; however, this doesn’t mean your accessories can’t save a little power.

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    Logitech has now released a solar-powered keyboard and mouse which charge using either the sun or even artificial light. According to the manufacturers, they can keep a charge for up to three months, and their sleek design will work with any computer.

  • Solar-Powered Cell Phone Charger
    Let’s face it, we all rely on our cell phones more than we would like to admit. In the past, they were great devices for staying in touch with relatives and friends. Now, they tell us the temperature on the other side of the world, they allow us endless hours of entertainment, and we don’t go anywhere without them.

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    Luckily, you can charge your device for free with one of the many solar-powered phone chargers that exist. While some need to be kept on a window sill to charge, others actually stick to the window and continually maintain energy.

  • Solar Generator and Panel
    Thanks to the investment of many companies, solar panels are now affordable and available on websites like Amazon. After buying a small panel, and pairing this with a solar generator, you’ll be able to store large amounts of energy.

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    With the smaller devices, they’ll be perfect for charging laptops, lights, and cell phones. With the larger units, they may actually allow for power tools, lawn mowers, TVs, refrigerators, and more.

  • Solar Children’s Toys
    As parents will know, children’s toys and gadgets need charging (or their batteries replacing) seemingly every hour.

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    Rather than keeping a drawer dedicated to batteries alone, or having extension leads upon extension leads charging all sorts of gadgets, why not look into solar toys?

  • Solar Locks
    Whether for a bike, a shed, or even the back of a van, solar locks are quickly increasing in quality. With some products, it’s believed one hour of charging can provide enough energy to last a week.

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    Suddenly, your possessions are more secure, and the lock can only be accessed via your smartphone.


Today, there are so many ways to invest in solar power and save money on your electricity bills (and on those pesky batteries!). Before buying any accessories for your home, take a quick look online, and you might just find a high-quality solar alternative. In addition to nifty accessories, you’ll also find dozens of ways to store energy whether it’s through sun tables, solar backpacks, or even a unique solar tie to go with your suit!