Fantasy Football: Should You Start Colin Kaepernick?

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It seems that everyone forgot that Colin Kaepernick led the 49ers to Super Bowl just three years ago. Now, there some crazy assumptions that he can’t play quarterback anymore. That is just pure nonsense. He for sure needs to get back to that level of the game, but he is still capable of some solid performance. Can he be good enough for you to like what you see and start him in coming weeks?

This week Colin will be going up against Bills defense that has been awesome as of late. Defense is the trademark of Ryan brothers, and they finally have a decent one in Buffalo. They will probably throw everything but the kitchen sink at Kaep. Bills should and will try to blitz him all game long.

But the thing about Kaep is that he can beat you with his legs and make some running plays that can change the game. If you are the Bills, you need to make him beat you from the pocket. Kaep is too gifted as an athlete and runner for him to allow Buffalo to limit his movement and options like that.

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Kaepernick will get at least one big play in a duel between 49ers and Bills where he rushes for like 30 yards or more. And he will get a running touchdown and one passing TD. But he will throw one pick on his way to 200-yard passing game. That will give you 21.0 Fantasy points. Pretty good for Niners’ QB. He will get some starts in some leagues.