Fast 8 – Jordana Brewster Might Be Left Out

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Just a few weeks ago Fast 8 was finished, and the crew took a photo after the completed job. Immediately, it was interesting to notice that Mia Toretto that is played by Jordana Brewster is not in that picture.

Many didn’t think a lot about that but later on we could hear rumors that she might not be in the movie or at least that she will not appear in the next few. This is a far fetching info, and we advise you to take it with a pinch of salt, especially after we could hear that it is possible for Bryan O’Conner to return.

The situation is very complicated, and it is hard to predict what will happen in Fast 8 and future installments of this popular franchise. We could see both Cody and Caleb Walker, Bryan’s brothers, in Fast 8 as they were there to help out with finishing the role of their late brother. With them and use of CGI, it is possible for this character to be featured in the sequels.

Furthermore, we could hear reports that Vin Diesel wants Bryan back and because of that, he talked few times with Paul Walker‘s brother about this possibility and if they would agree to it. Mia Torreto is closely related to one of the most important characters in the franchise as Bryan’s wife and mother of his child. In case that he is gone from the movie she might be dropped too.

We know that she is Dom’s sister and that she is a friend of the entire crew, but her future is not certain in more movies that are coming. This allowed producers to introduce more new characters, and we could see Helen Mirren, Charlize Theron, and Scott Eastwood.

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At the end of the Fast 7, we could see a heartbreaking scene in which Dom and Bryan are saying goodbye and parting their ways. Studio had to do that after Paul Walker’s accident.