“Fast and Furious 8” – News and Updates, Trailer Announcement


The first official trailer for the movie will be launched on December 11, 2016, according to Vin Diesel’s announcement. The new sequel will be the first one without the late Paul Walker.

Although Paul Walker’s accident shocked the entire world and not just the fans of the movies, “Fast and Furious 8” continued shooting. According to Business Insider, the place of the set has been changing from one movie to another and the location of the new movie will be New York City.

Scott Eastwood will be a new member of the cast, and he expressed his excitement about working with Kurt Russell and the rest of the crew, which feels more like family. Charlize Theron will also join Scott, but she will play the role of villain.


Michelle Rodriquez expressed her desire that more women should be added to the cast. Michelle, who has played Letty, stated that there are only two women as a part of the main cast and that it lacks feminine energy.

To honor the late actor and his friend Paul Walker, Vin Diesel decided to include a part with Brian O’Conner in the new movie. He was speaking to the two brothers of the late Paul Walker and he asked them if that would be fine with them, as Entertainment Tonight said. He wants him back, but we don’t know how he will do it.