Fast and Furious Live Shows Will be Introduced


Fast and Furious franchise consists of eight full-length movies, several video games, and short films, but it appears that it is not enough. Now, they prepare a series of live shows in which Vin Diesel will talk about Fast and Furious as Dominic Toretto.

Diesel himself officially confirmed the news on Facebook, and we don’t even know how to feel about it. He even talked about the live show as Dominic Toretto briefly, and he says that this is something which hasn’t been done before. At this point, details are scarce, and even the famous actor doesn’t know the exact schedule of the live show, but the first one could be held at the O2 Arena in London. You can follow the updates at, but for now, you’ll only find Instagram and Facebook posts as well as teasers.

Diesel will prepare Fast and Furious Live Show with a host of other people, but don’t you think this has gone too far? Don’t we already have too much Fast and Furious in our lives? Fast 8 debuted earlier in the year and it grossed more than $1.2 billion. That would make you think that the crew will stop for a while and enjoy the success, but no.


Fast and Furious Live is supposed to start sometime next year. This is slightly unexpected since there are two additional movies to be filmed. But, what do we know about Fast and Furious Live? Besides what Vin Diesel said, reported that Chris Hughes and James Cooke-Priest are the organizers of the show. They are also working on the Top Gear Live tour, so let’s say they have experience, which gives us hope that the show will be good.

Talking about the content of the show and the approach is far-fetched at this point, but according to the same CBR report, the “signature cars” from the movie will appear during live shows. Furthermore, Vin Diesel said, that some of the memorable stunts will be performed. Hopefully Fast and Furious Live is not going to be a failure. We will wait and see.