Fast And The Furious – Space As Possible Setting


Upon seeing Furious 7 amazing action set-pieces, fans must have been left in wonder how the franchise might do anything better than these sequences. It seems that they still have in plan to keep Fast And The Furious films within the Earth’s atmosphere since screenwriter Chris Morgan mentioned that even they knew for limits. He was also asked about the possible scenarios in The Fate Of The Furious and its sequels, he stated that out of space is off limits.

However, after an interviewer asked him to think about it a bit more, Chris Morgan reconsidered the idea of Fast And The Furious in space. There is a huge number of fans who would probably like to see what it would be like if the film was set in space. The writer of the past six films then suggested that they could team up Dom with Riddick. Something in line with Fast Space Nine: Dom Gets Riddickulous could be one of the best title choices for the sequel.


We are fully aware that this guy was just joking and that nothing like that will ever happen, and we are thankful for that. On the other hand, there is still a possibility that Fast And The Furious team led by Chris Morgan will come up with a way to get Hobbs, Dom, Deckard, Tej, Letty, Ramsay and Roman up into space.

In the next part of his interview, Chris Morgan explained in which way they eclipsed the action that had come before. He said that since we live in a world of heightened reality, they try not to push the border too much. They do this because they don’t want to go where reality breaks heavily. They think that this draws the audience out of the action sequence.

The way they play with boundaries and many more interesting things will be available to us the moment The Fate Of The Furious hits cinemas, which will be on April 14.