Fast & Furious 8 extended edition – why is it restricted?

Nearly every movie lately has its extended version, and this also applies when it comes to F&F 8 (or Fate of the Furious), but there is a problem here. You actually can’t see the extended version if you don’t have the right code… Yes, you read right. You need a special code for this!

Apparently, the bonus material that has, over the past years, available to viewers on the iTunes Store edition of a movie, for instance, is no longer available. The F&F 8 extended version will only be available to US customers if they own a digital code to do so, and the digital code will be included in all disc-based versions of the film. This has raised some questions and resulted in some backlash over the shortchanging of certain customers, and it will undoubtedly be bigger after you find out about this next thing.


Dear ladies and gentleman, even with the code, you still won’t be able to watch the extended cut direct from a disc, no matter if it is a DVD, Blu-ray or Ultra HD Blu-ray. Yes, that is unfortunately true, and you will have to turn to a digital service. The strange thing here is, even though you paid a full price for a digital-only version, you actually won’t get the extended edition.

It is still unknown what the extended cut will actually bring to the table, but we presume that it can’t be anything that is a huge story changer. But never mind the content of the extended cut, we believe that movie studio should have allowed those who pay full price to be treated slightly better when bonuses like these are considered since we are in that time where we have drop in numbers when it comes to people buying discs and such. It is only logical to allow those who pay the asking price, have the same material! Don’t you think so?


There is still time to see what Universal will do to the UK region, meaning will they use the same strategy as in the US? But it will take some time before you, and we find out since the film doesn’t land on disc until October, which is around three months behind the US.