Few ‘Minor Problems’ With Tesla Motors Inc Sedan: Consumer Report

Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA)’s luxury Sedan Model S got many good reviews, but recently a wave of criticism has come its way. People are questioning the quality of the car, which is facing few minor problems that tend to be very irritating. While the company’s staff is very much happy and satisfied with it, this long-range electric car has started showing up numerous minor problems, which are very much annoying and negatively impact the user experience, said Consumer report on Monday.

Issues with Tesla cars

The most nagging problem being faced with the Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) luxury sedan is with the outside doors handles that were designed in such a manner that whenever the driver approaches or touches those they would automatically extend themselves. Consumer Report informed that they did not work as intended on numerous occasions and an over-the-software update was made by Tesla for fixing the error.

Another prominent issue faced was with the center screen of the car, which went blank immediately before the car was sent for the 12000-mile servicing. This would have been a small issue with other cars where the screens serve few minor purposes such as navigation or stereo choices, but with Tesla it becomes a serious issue as the screen performs many key functions. The problem was fixed by the repair center of Tesla along with a creak in roof, informs CR. Trunk latch was also posing certain problems.

Consumer report not lowering rating

Even though the Consumer Report has faced the above issues with the car, but it chooses to stick with the ‘average’ rating it has allocated to the vehicle, which is primarily because the brand is a reliable one. Consumer Report states that among the new cars tested by it, this one is the best and has a ‘decent reliability’.

In a call with analysts in the month of July, the CEO of Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA), Elon Musk agreed to the existence of the nagging issues with the new luxury car. “We definitely had some quality issues in the beginning,” he said, mostly because the company was “figuring out how to make the Model S.”