FIFA 18 Release Date, Features, Wishlist, System Requirements info!

All the football gaming enthusiasts are probably excited because the Fifa 17 is due to hit the stores tomorrow. But as it is with these things, fans have also started wondering about its successor – Fifa 18, and they are doing it probably because Electronic Arts have already reported that work on the next title has already begun.

Fifa 17 is a game that reportedly brings a revolutionary change to the hugely popular soccer game franchise by EA Sports, and we can only imagine what the next installment will bring to the table. But let’s not wonder anymore, let us try and translate to you what we think the next-big-thing from EA will feature. Again, we want to stress for you to bare in mind that the game is still in earliest stages of development.

The Wishlist

When it comes to the wishlist, it is simple enough. Keep the Frostbite Engine and player face scanning. Fifa 18 will most likely adopt the 17’s revolutionary change by implementing Frostbite engine which impacted the graphics of the game in so many different ways. The demo of Fifa 17 that has been available online for some time now apparently has some glitches and bugs that have been reported from all over the world, and they regard anything from missing body parts on players to warped faces and so on. The only request for Fifa 18 is for better, smoother graphics performance to go with the detailed animation. When it comes to player face implementation, one wish stands out, and it is a feature that will enable gamers to play with created player that has its own animated face. This is probably a difficult task for developers of the game including really complex algorithms, but we are sure that this will somehow find its way in the sequel. Just imagine how cool it would be if you could see your own simulated face on your created player that just won the Champions League Golden Boot of the season. Awesome ha?

The Gameplay

As for the gameplay, we hope that the Fifa 18 will have more advanced Journey mode. As you know, Fifa 17 introduced an all-new career mode called the Journey mode, and it enables gamers to play as Alex Hunter and take control of his movements and journey throughout the virtual FIFA universe. This was an instant hit because of two reasons – it makes the career mode more realistic and adds some RPG moments which Fifa gamers waited for so long. The Fifa 18 will most likely host more advanced journey mode with probably multiple choice of players that have different back stories for each. It will probably include one or two female characters since Fifa included the female teams in the last Fifa 16 which helped the franchise acquire quite a number of girl enthusiasts. The better gameplay in Fifa 18 will definitely imply more intelligent opposition, meaning that they should be able to quickly learn the style that certain player has in a match and make their own game better the next time they play each other. With previous Fifa, EA tried to implement realistic movements of the players on and off the ball, but there were some problems with bugs and glitches which Fifa 18 will most definitely strive to improve. One more thing could help improve the overall gameplay, and that is real time awards. In real life, every footballer has one most important thing, and that is career achievement or season achievement award that is the Ballon D’Or. If the real Ballon D’Or ceremony somehow found its way in the Journey mode of FIFA 18, then it could force even the most amateur of Fifa players to pick up their level in the game.

FIFA 18 Release Date

As for the release date, we must say that it is still very early for any predictions since the game is in its initial stage of development, but as it goes with Fifa franchise, it is most likely that we will get to play it sometime near the end of 2017. Perhaps right about at this time of the next year. Maybe it seems that it is long to wait, but when you get your hands on the copy of Fifa 17 just watch how time flies. Before you know it it is time for a new one!