Fifa 18 Release Date!

We know that there are many PES fans out there, and surely we’ll be bashed by some, but we have to say that Fifa has been way better in the previous years. EA defeated Konami in almost every segment of the game. Better graphics, more realistic animations, better commentary, licenses… Everything. Considering that, Fifa really became a huge hit, it became more than just a game.

A big novelty was introduced in Fifa 17 when Frostbite engine has been utilized. Developers of this title have used the Frostbite engine we first stumbled upon it in Battlefield games as it was employed in Battlefield 1.

Another novelty in Fifa 17 was the ‘Journey’ mode. You could live through the story of Alex Hunter, an aspiring young talent looking to make it in the world of football. It was something like a career mode but even more realistic and with a better story. Fans loved it. EA recently confirmed that this would also be featured in Fifa 18. We’re looking forward to it.

The only thing we don’t know about this is whether EA will change the protagonist (Alex) and start with a fresh new story or not.

Fifa 18 Release Date

We have no confirmed date of introduction, but we believe that Fifa 18 should be in September 2017, to be precise, on 26th of September. And that is for the UK. We came up with this date because of EA’s practice in the previous years.

Fifa 17 was released on 27 September (Tuesday), Fifa 16 on 22 September 2015 (again Tuesday), Fifa 15 on 23 September 2014. All mentioned games were published on Tuesday. And Tuesday fits perfectly in this pattern, so we speculate that EA will release the game on 26 September 2017.

Fifa 18: How much will it cost? (UK)

If we look back at Fifa 17, the price is most likely to be somewhere around £49.99 if not exactly that. Prices will be different for each platform (PC, PS3, 4, Xbox 360, One) and another factor is the retailer. However numerous business owners will lower the price at the launch in order to sell more which is a smart move and certainly good thing for potential buyers.

Of course, there will also be ‘premium’ versions of the game that will give you additional content which may set you back for even more money. Shop for keys or buy a second hand FIFA if you are tight on cash. Oh yes, splitting it with a friend is always an option.

Game platforms

This game will most likely be available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

We also believe that EA will make a version for outdated (previous generation) consoles. But beware, the game you will play on Xbox 360 or PS3 may not be as good as the one on PS4 or Xbox One. The good thing is that Sony and Microsoft have no plans of launching new consoles anytime soon. However, there are rumors about the Xbox Scorpio project. It is speculated that Microsoft might release this console on Christmas 2017 but take this with a grain of salt. That would mean that there may not be a version for Xbox 360. And if Microsoft’s old-gen console doesn’t get the new game we believe that Sony’s will end up doing the same.

Another interesting thing is that Fifa 18 will be available on Nintendo Switch. EA stated in January that this title will come to Nintendo Switch, but they said only that. No news about a release date or anything else. However, Peter Moore (EA’s chief competition officer) stated that Nintendo Switch version of the game will be Fifa 18 but that it will come after the launch for other platforms or at the same date.

There’s even an ad in Japan that features Fifa 18 on Nintendo Switch.

Fifa 18 recommendation list

Considering that Fifa 17 is still a ‘young’ game we have no news about new features of Fifa 18. Of course, those hardcore players already have some ideas about what to change like better graphics (as always) when it comes to players’ faces and better animation.

But, other than that, we really received a lot of comments about the penalty taking system of Fifa 17. Everyone agreed that EA should change it back as it used to be. This new arrow system is ludicrous. It is unplayable in multiplayer. Absolutely unnecessary. Please EA change that back.

Another thing that we want to be better is the player rating list. We have nothing against Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but he is the eight best player in the game. Really? Come on. We got used to Cristiano Ronaldo, and Messi being the best but pay attention to the rest of them, will you EA?

Another thing worth mentioning is the press feature in the Journey mode. EA should hire real journalists for interviews. Same stands for post match interviews. Maybe even hire someone for better cut scenes in general. To make it more realistic like NBA 2K did for example.

Last but not least, if EA could make this game VR friendly that would be super awesome. We are not experts and don’t know if that is possible but just imagine the possibilities.