5 Strategies To Try to Find your Lost Android Phone


Do you think there is a more terrible and painful moment than losing your Android phone? At first, it seems a bit of a drama, yet the reality of missing your phone could lead to a terrible emotional feeling. After all, your phone may be one of the handiest gadgets you own, which stores tons of sensitive personal information. In addition, the replacement of a phone is also an expensive nuisance.

However, by the time your phone is lost, please calm down! Each Android phone features integrated tools with which you can easily lock and track down your missing phone. First of all, though, there are a few steps you may want to take now in order for you to be effective in case your phone gets lost even if all you did was leave it in the house. In this article, you will learn the best strategies to keep in mind when you lost your phone, plus some tips to stay secure in case you lose your phone.

You can have more chances to find your lost phone if you do not have facial recognition


You should do yourself a favor and enable both password and fingerprint recognition. Further, another favor to yourself may be the advice never to use a face recognition feature on your phone. As for the majority of Android devices, it’s easy to fool the facial recognition functionality by using an ordinary shot of your face. The second advisable thing to do is to generate your pass and then go to the Security part of the Settings app and make the fingerprint authentication function. When you do this, you might not be comfortable considering the fact that you have to use your fingerprint scan or type in a PIN code whenever you have to access your phone, but just imagine how scary it would be if someone could easily access your banking details, pictures, emails, as well as the entire of your private data.

Google’s cell phone tracking tools are the number one choice, but only if you have done a setup in advance. It is so easy to locate your Android when you are logged in to your Google account on your phone. You can log in to Google on your computer and then simply type “Where’s my phone” or “Find my Android”. There are a couple of things to do after you locate where your lost Android device is located. Suppose your phone is located somewhere inside your house, however, you are still unable to find it. Well, guess what, you can switch on your phone’s ringtone although it’s muted. As a result, your phone will ring continuously for five minutes as you search around.

Use a third-party app as a way to track your Android phone


In general, despite the fact that the simplest way to locate your missing Android is to make use of Google’s integrated device tracker, there is another way that will help you track your phone and that is to use a third-party app in order to track it down. Using a third-party app also comes in handy in case you have little kids at home with phones. With the installation of a third-party app on their phone, you can ensure that they will be completely safe whenever you are away from home.

Among the most popular third-party apps out there, for tracking missing Android phones is Life360 Family Locator. What you can do is download this app on any phone you own in your home and then use the GPS locator to start tracking yourselves in real-time. As well, you can easily share your location with your family, which is practical when you are ever out and about in an uncertain region. Another app suggested is Where’s My Droid.  When you upgrade to the Elite version, it allows you to use your phone’s camera with ease, so you can even do it remotely. What’s awesome is that if anyone ever steals your phone, you will be able to take a photo of the stealer and give it to the police. In addition, you can visit www.find-my-phone.org in order to try to find your phone, their location system works with all mobile companies and operators and they can locate phones from any brand.

Check with your service provider

Once it gets obvious that the phone may never be returned to you, report your phone as lost or stolen by contacting your mobile operator. A number of mobile carriers provide GPS location services to their customers. Although your provider may not have such a service option, they can as a minimum be able to suspend service to your phone. As a result, that phone will be blacklisted as lost or stolen to stop anyone else to use it.

Always have the serial number of your phone


An electronic serial number is assigned to each cell phone. An electronic serial number is assigned to each cell phone. Based on the type and model of mobile phone you are using, the unique number of your phone is known as IMEI, MEID, or ESN. Usually, this serial number is placed on a sticker below the battery, although its location may differ according to the type of phone you are using.

No matter if your phone is lost in your home, dropped on the subway while you are out in the evening, or stolen out of your rear pocket while at a club or concert, all of us will feel the pain. When it comes to phone loss, these are some of the many ways you do to help find it. However, you can always do your best to prevent it rather than searching for it later. When traveling, one other thing we recommend is to consider changing your lock screen. Prepare a note with emergency contact information in the event your phone is lost or stolen, as well as make a screenshot. Afterward, you may also take a screenshot of your phone’s lock screen. If anyone finds your phone, they can contact you right before you even go looking for it.