Finn Balor Injured On Raw Again?

Finn Balor was pushed to the moon right after he made his main roster debut. He is not old for a wrestler, but he did make his main roster debut as a 35-year-old. Triple H probably told Vince that the time is now for Finn. That is the perfect age for him to be at the top of the ladder. He was the first Universal Champion after being on Raw for just a month.

The match with Seth Rollins for the championship at Summerslam was decent, but the thing that everybody is going to remember from that duel is the fact that Finn Balor got injured and was put on the shelf for a long time. He missed the fall season in the WWE as well as Wrestlemania season. Wrestling on live shows in March was the best way to ease him back in, but he did appear on TV in April after a couple of weeks of removing that ring rust.

Balor appeared on both post Mania editions of Raw, with him winning both of his duels with Coup de Grace. First, he won the tag match and then he took care of Jinder Mahal. But, Jinder made a big impact in that showdown. For real.

There was a spot in which Jinder just flat out nailed Balor with an elbow to the face. It was brutal, and it was for real. Finn had a couple of marks on his face after the match while looking a bit weird. There are reports that Balor suffered a concussion in that match against Jinder, but there is no information on whether or not he is going to have to miss some time. He might not wrestle next Monday night, but he still might show up on the show.