First Dance Recital

A dance recital involves choreographed moves by one or more performers in front of the audience. In most cases, it is competitive and done in a selected venue. A first dance recital involves mostly kids after dance classes and rehearsals, and some dance recitals are seasonal.

Parents’ Involvement

Parents usually accompany their kids to the performance and help in the dress rehearsals, and for the young toddlers, be with them on the stage to ensure that they don’t fall off the stage. Most parents attend the dance recitals out of sheer responsibility and their kids’ moral support, but not by choice. Why so? Some find the events boring; endless performances, costumes changes, and many other accompanying activities.


During preparations, the dance instructors prepare the dancers who also work hard to prepare themselves for the dance recitals. Parents have to prepare too, but how? Make sure you pack everything needed during the dance recital, some days before. These include costumes, snacks, hair and makeup, and a camera. You don’t want to miss the memories of the recital day, neither does your kid, and it will work wonders if your kid wins a trophy. Take plenty of photos nonetheless.

Importance of Dance Recitals to Young Dancers

For the kids, the experience can be met with mixed reactions: Some can be thrilled, anxious, fearful, shy, confident…but what are the overall benefits? For those who like dancing, they will be in heaven; those who don’t may participate as a routine or rite of passage. The first dance recital can have several benefits to young dancers presently and in the future. These include:

Builds Confidence

Usually, some first timers in dance recitals have stage fright, anxiety, fear, and shyness. However, with practice and the performance, they gain more confidence that is vital for their life beyond. The applause, rewards, and encouragement enhance their confidence.

Enhances Teamwork

During performances, particularly a small group performance, everyone is supposed to play his/her role to ensure a lovely performance. This promotes teamwork. As an important aspect of life, starting early ameliorates your child’s social skills and roles of an individual team member in the overall good of the group.

Creates Memories

During the recital day, photos and videos are taken which remain pleasant memories in the future. Also, the friendship in the child’s group will likely last forever.

Trains on Goal Setting Skills

The young dancers vigorously exercise and practice the different skills with the goal of perfect performance during the main event. This helps them to have goals that guide their preparation. This being one of the most important skills in life, it guides them to proper decision making in the future.

Physical Fitness

Dancing helps kids to maintain a good posture, weight, and flexibility. The exercises are important for the mind and body.

Career Choice

Through dancing, the child can opt for other related careers such as a costume designer, a dance teacher and also a professional dancer.

Gifts for Dance Recital


Now that your dancer has presented a great performance, a reward will obviously come in handy; what with the immense time and dedication to rehearsals and intense practice? A reward will encourage young dancers to keep up the effort especially after a first dance recital. It will also trickle down to other tasks in the future, and encourage him/her to always put his/her best foot forward. This gifts for dance recital from is one of the best gift lists that you can use to find a great gift for your favorite dancer. Some gift ideas include:

A bouquet of Flowers

This can have an impact on the dancer. For a start, if they are kids, they will be excited by beautiful things. Then, their performance, costumes, the flowers, and the glamour adorn the whole event. It works well if you know the kind of flower the dancer likes. Flowers are common gifts to dancers.


Jewellery personalized and themed to dances are perfect keepsakes. People like reminders of good events, and a bracelet, earring, necklace or any other present on such occasions will remind them of their pleasant experience.

A T-shirt

A nice stylish t-shirt with a custom message related to dancing can be a perfect gift, especially to male dancers. You can add graphics of your choice on the t-shirt, and this will remind him/her of his/her exemplary performance.

Dancing Gear


If you get a hint that the dancer aspires to continue dancing later, you can get him/her new dancing gear for preparation. Examples are dance bags, leotards, and warm up a gear.

Picture Frames or Scrapbook

One of the main activities in the event is photo taking or video taking. Numerous photos are usually taken, and it pays to present a picture frame or scrapbook to retain the beautiful pictures for long-lasting memories.


A first dance recital represents the most memorable phase in someone’s life, mostly kids. The effort put to the exercise, rehearsals and the main event has various benefits, and a perfect gift comes in handy for encouraging the dancer. A thoughtful and customized gift works and can be a keepsake that will bring pleasant memories.